Instagram now lets you like comments and remove followers from private accounts

Instagram has always given you the option to make your profile public or private, and deleting and blocking IG comments has always been easy, but now the popular social media app is letting you get a bit more hands-on with those who interact with your content.

Today we're beginning to roll out our next set of tools and controls to help people feel safe expressing themselves on Instagram and improve the comments experience. This update includes: Turning off commenting for individual posts, the ability to remove followers for private accounts, and comment liking.

After rolling out their custom keyword filter that monitored and restricted certain keywords in comments, Instagram has also added an anonymous option for reporting self-injury.

It's super cool to see that such a major social media platform is making it easier for us to feel protected online, but a small part of me wonders if this isn't just another layer of over-protective bubble wrap that may end up eventually suffocating rather than saving?

What do you think about Instagram's latest update?

Cella Lao Rousseau