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What you need to know

  • Naughty Dog is releasing a series of videos examining different aspects of The Last of Us Part II.
  • The first video went over the characters, story and themes.
  • A newly released video shows off how combat and gameplay has changed.
  • The Last of Us Part II is scheduled to release on June 19, 2020.

The Last of Us Part II is just a few weeks away and ahead of its release, Naughty Dog is sharing some videos that take a a deeper look inside various aspects. While the previous video focused on the characters, story and themes that start the game off, this video takes a look at the gameplay and combat improvements. Ellie is smaller than Joel, so she isn't as strong but she is more nimble, capable of jumping and going prone.

While Ellie is capable of hiding, if enemies find her, they'll yank her out of cover, so you'll have to balance hiding with staying on the move and being aggressive.

The Last of Us Part II is scheduled to release on June 19, 2020. If you're looking to grab a special console to mark the event, PlayStation has revealed a Limited Edition The Last of Us Part II PS4 Pro bundle that'll be available the same day as the game. You can also check out the harrowing story trailer right here.


The Last of Us Part II

It can't be for nothing

The wait is almost over. Ellie's harrowing journey looks to take her on the bloody path of revenge, but against what and at what cost, we're not sure of yet. Whatever the situation, Joel is there to have her back.

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