IM+ for Android updated to v4.1.5 with a slew of additions

Having lots of friends that use a variation of IM protocols sometimes makes it rather difficult to keep track of everyone. Often times it means installing numerous apps and switching between them which not exactly the best solution for everyone. For this problem, IM+ exists and helps gather all your instant messaging clients into one robust application. Most recently, they've update IM+ to v4.1.5 and as such have included a lot of bug fixes and new features:

  • VKontakte and Yandex IM networks added (Cheers to our users from Russia!)
  • New splendid emoticons
  • Integration with Android Address Book
  • New Compact Mode UI to fit smaller displays
  • Ability to disable notifications in status bar
  • DND status
  • Improved IM+ Toast alerts
  • Japanese localization
  • Fixed fast battery draining //IM+ free
  • Many bugfixes and performance optimizations

IM+ comes in two versions, a free ad-supported version and a pro version ($9.99). Both are available now in the Android Market. If you're in need of an app likes this, you'll find the download link after the break.

  • For the life of me I cannot understand why this app cost 10dollars
  • If it supported Google Voice messages I would pay the $10.
  • The eBuddy app does the same [probably more] & is FREE !
  • Yeah. I'll stick with ebuddy. Also, my Charge had an im app that works fine.
  • IM+ Pro is $10. IM+ is free.
  • I'll stick with Google Voice, Google Talk, text messages and gmail. :-)
  • Not for 10bucks!! Ebuddy works perfect for me!!!
  • Apparently Chris Chrissen needs to work on his English :P
  • I love Trilian
    Its the best!
  • I'm going to try this.
  • I actually bought this for nearly $40 back when I had a Blackberry Pearl on GoPhone. $10 would have been a steal...back then.
  • Oh look IM+ still hasn't integrated some of the basics like oh I don't know....universal login. The damn web client HAS my login credentials. It shouldn't be that hard to log into IM+ on Android and pull the account info down.
    Or better yet web client keeps logs of your client...nope. Seriously its why I went Trillian. Screw IM+
  • I have used "" since my first Android. A plus is it allows Skype IM along with all the others, it's great.
    Search for "imo" in the market.
  • Is there a way to TURN OFF these stupid Toast Alerts?