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If you're not doing this with all your accounts, you're doing it wrong

This 4-minute video may change your life. Or at least convince you that strong passwords and two-factor authentication are a must.

Oh, wait. You already use a password manager? You already have 2FA on all your accounts? Great. But chances are you know someone who doesn't. And you have got to share this video with them. We're to the point that these basic security measures are a must. (Don't believe me? Ask this guy.)

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Some MUST-HAVE links that go along with this little rant:

Repeat: Strong, unique passwords and two-factor authorization are two of the most important things you can do online.

See also: How and why you should use encrypted messaging

*Unless you're one of those people who has a crazy sort of brain that can do a one-time password sort of thing mentally. In which case remind me to buy you a beer and never ask how you do such a thing.

  • I'm believe I'm already being monitored by the law I have been dabbling into PornHub app and others like it that's something that's even scarier
  • Wow, are you thinking about going back to triple-X VCR tapes or DVDs?
  • I am that guy.
    I use this great tech called my brain and a system I use for all my passwords. They're all different,all unique, makes them easy to remember and hard to crack. I also use a fake account for crap I don't care about if someone hacks and never use Facebook or it's companies. Oh and I ran as fast as I could from yahoo last year never to look back.
  • Same here! Don't understand why people even bother with PW managers.. What happens if THEY get hacked? My passwords are long as hell and contain all of the different character variations needed. Every one unique to a service, and I also don't use Facebook, twitter, most popular social networks. (I have accounts, just don't use them). I'm more of a text, call, and hangout kinds guy...
  • Toi nghi rang no rat loi trong thoi gian phat trien
  • I won an Enpass lifetime premium account from AC a couple years back. I haven't used it at all until earlier this year; it was my new year resolution to start using it. So far, so good :)
  • I just had to comment to express my disappointment at your attempt at "clickbait". I hope it was tongue-in-cheek Phil. It's not like you!
    P.S. I 100% agree with the subject matter
  • the flaw in this is that, for the mobile version of 1Password, you need to use their keyboard otherwise it's usless?
    and their keyboard sucks. i don't want to have to change how i use the device just to use their service.
  • I don't use their keyboard ... I just copy the password and paste it into wherever it needs to go.
  • That's still too much of an extra effort.
    If it doesn't really integrate where the end user doesn't need to do anything extra then it'll never be something that the majority do
  • I personally enjoy being apart of the minority anyhow.
  • I started using lastpass 11 months and 1 day ago (I know because the app told me today that my premium subscription runs out in 29 days) and am a happy convert to stronger security. It takes some getting used to, especially the idea of always making sure my phone is handy for the 2 factor part, but I'm glad I stu k with it. I hear acquaintances talk about being hacked all the time and I can just smile knowing that the likelihood that will happen to me is tremendously smaller now. I can smile because I tried to convince them and the laughed at me.
  • Same article as on AC years ago. ...
  • How if you have to login to your email on public or friend computer if you use such a random password? Installing lastpass first would be cumbersome.
  • In that case just rely on your phone to look up the password and then enter it into the friend's or public computer. Although realize that entering your password on someone else's computer is risky because you can't trust that it is in good condition and that maybe it has a keylogger waiting for passwords to be typed.
  • i have been using Awallet cloud android app a one off payment and it generates strong passwords and stores all my passwords in app and backup to Google drive, or any other cloud service, using that app for keeping passwords handy when i am out and about and google password backup does me and i wouldn't use sms authentication, as i have read sms isn't 100% safe, unless it is only option available Authy app is the best as it has multiple devices option, backup for offline also Authy has a chrome OS app and a chrome extension
  • Click-bait title. What is happening to you guys? Do you need revenue this badly?
  • I wish these "click-bait" whiners would just leave Mobile Nations and do the rest of us a favour.
  • Yes, yes and yes, but I'm too lazy.
  • I took your advice and started using Dashlane for my 6P, PC, etc., but then became quickly disappointed when I found out it doesn't work on chromebooks. What a miss.
  • 2step for Gmail and Keepass + key required for everything else
  • I have specific passwords for financial and social media sites, and yes i have them written down in a safe space at home. I use fingerprint at all times possible. I will never place all my passwords in one basket.
  • Qwerty54321 for my email accounts ( never been hacked yet)
  • I just use an encrypted Excel file.
  • Why would anyone PAY MONTHLY for a password manager app? For that same 2.00/month I'll sell you Alien Invasion (outer space) Insurance policy. I guarantee your property will not be damaged.
  • I am a throwback to the old Palm days. I still use SplashID as my password manager because well, I have always used SplashID. I have both the Android and PC versions. With cloud syncing I don't have to connect directly to the PC to sync. Makes it easy when I get a new phone. Just install and open the app, enter my email address and pin, and have it sync. I also bought the lifetime subscription a few years ago so I don't have to pay the annual fee. The only time I need to pay is when a complete new rev of the PC version comes out.
  • The emphasis on encryption and 2FA is great, but can you also mention or at least disclose that most of these password managers that share data between users actually store the password data on their servers. To me that is a big omission. Great, we take all these precautions on our end, but the host security is just as important. Not seeing anything about this here or in the password software article.
  • Good video Phil. Another good tip for any newbee is when creating a new login account that requires a birthday. My rule of thumb is that the government and financial institutions get the real date. Other accounts get fictitious dates. Where would someone want to store the site specific birthdays? Why in a password manager of course.
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