devil's attorney

Last week, the Humble Bundle team launched their latest "pay what you want" collection of Android games, Humble Mobile Bundle 9 and now two more games have been added to the mix.

You can still get one game, Devil's Attorney, completely for free and pay whatever you want for Syberia, Neuroshima Hex and Bardbarian Golden Axe Edition. If you pay more than the average amount ($3.38 as of this writing), you can also get Leo's Fortune, Out There, and First Strike, and with this week's addition, that number also adds in So Long, Oregon and Mountain.

All of these games cost $28 if people play for them separately, so this is a huge deal for Android games. Humble Mobile Bundle 9 will end on October 22. Do you plan to jump in and purchase the games via this bundle?

Source: Humble Bundle