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Huawei hands out battery packs and apple-free juice to iPhone XS buyers

Today's Friday, September 21, 2018. In other words, it's iPhone XS and Apple Watch Series 4 launch day. Fans around the world are lining up to be among the first to own Apple's latest phone and wearable, and as such, Huawei used this opportunity to troll Apple by promoting itself while folks wait in line.

At the Apple store in London, Huawei arrived with a juice van offering "ju%ce that lasts." Actual juice was given out to people in line that had "no traces of apple" in it, in addition to charging outlets so people could top up their phones.

Additionally, Huawei employees handed out 10,000 mAh battery packs to Apple fans in Singapore. On the packaging for the packs reads "Here's a power bank. You'll need it. Courtesy of Huawei."

Is this too cheeky? Perhaps. But then again, it's not like Huawei was hurting anyone. Who doesn't want free juice and battery packs? The iPhone XS brings a lot to the table that we'd like to see come to the Android space, but on October 16 when Huawei unveils the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro, you can bet it's going to do what it can to top Apple in every way it can.

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Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • I wonder what will actually come of something like this to warrant the time and resources to go about performing this.
  • Other than feeling smug about yourself at Huawei, not much. I never will be able to understand the rational of why people need to get in line for something that you can get at pretty much anytime. It's not like being the first 100 customers gets you a discount or something. People are so dumb.
  • For fun. I would totally do that (but not for an Apple event!)
    It would be great to get a bunch of friends together and just hang out, with the anticipation of getting a new device. Now, I wouldn't do it by myself, but I'd want to make it a social activity
  • Yep totally understand that people see the fun or challenge in doing this. It's not for me, but neither is going into the wilderness to camp.
  • Eh... Some models are backordered on carrier preorders so I'm not sure about the get anytime part lol! Maybe the stores have additional stock and people are willing to take a chance at waiting in line rather than waiting a month or so? 🤷🏾‍♂️
  • Actually, in some parts of Asia the quicker you get it, the quicker you can sell it for double the price.
  • It's a reminder of the times they have hunted for an outlet or pad, or been forced to plug in at lunchtime to make it through the day. And it conveniently reminds Apple users that there are other options, like Huawei, that don't have that problem. We've owned every iPhone from the 3 GS up to the 8 Plus, and battery life is an issue. Not when the phone is sitting there doing nothing, but it becomes an issue when you use it. My wife was a diehard Apple girl from day one, and you know what changed her mind? Being on her iPhone as a counselor talking someone down from commiting suicide, and desperately scrambling for a charger. I had to help her out and she was tethered to the wall the remainder of the call, and she was successful, but battery life was literally a matter of life or death. I got her an HTC M8 the next day, and she went on to average 36 hours of talk time per charge. She never wants to go back to an iPhone. That was a few years ago, but what's the story now? Our iPhone 8 Plus is usually below 50% at lunchtime, and our U11 is above 80%, so the situation has not changed yet.
  • Time and cost is completely insignificant for this. The fact that you are reading it is more than enough benefit. The people in line will talk to people about it, you read about it, hundreds of thousands of other people read about it and everyone who ever uses one of those chargers shows the brand name. That's value enough tbh but the fact that it also gets the message or the suggestion out that apple batteries suck and associate Huawie as a solution is a big bonus.
  • This is my kinda thing. All in good fun and makes you smile. The battery pack saying "you'll need this" is savage. Love it.
  • I bet that juice has nano-backdoors in it that call home to china! /s
  • Haha. This made me laugh.
  • The power brick "juice" or the actual drink? 🤔
  • Being an Apple fan myself, this is absolutely hilarious! I think it's great other companies poke at Apple. Don't get me wrong though, I still love iPhones but that Note 9 is killing it right now.
  • You can tell who the leader of a market is when their competitors are wasting their time and money hating. I see it as their competitors feeling inferior and jealous of Apple. When you are better than your competitors, you don't even see them or know they are there. Which is why I don't see Apple given free air time to their competitors in their ads.
  • "When you are better than your competitors, you don't even see them or know they are there." Lol.. Nah .. Never ...
  • What Huawei is doing is pure advertising, not hating.
  • Awesome. Good, clean, fun publicity. I would've taken it one step further and put a sticker on the power bank, "iPhone + this battery = Huawei"
  • Brilliant. Good fun. If you don't get it... I pitty you.
  • Fanboys will get their panties in a bunch no matter what. Way to go Huawei. Coming from a current iPhone daily driver user!
  • Is trolling corporations still legal in England?
  • Why wouldn't it be?
  • They just need their trolling loicense and they're good to go
  • Nicely played Huawei.
  • I can also see Huawei handing out blue tinted screen protectors for the pixel 3 know.....from past experiences....... That's some funny s h i t , I don't care who you are.
  • That would be GOLD!
  • Plot twist, the Huawei battery packs actually injects malware into Apple devices :) It's part of Huawie's master plan.
  • Hauwei moving fast up the rankings. Looking to hold their position as well. They actually have phones that actually do ****. Speed is good but your phone should be an extension of you. Huawei has been able to reach the lower to mid tier buyer, the mid tiers and the flagship connoisseurs.
    Doing all of this while making beautiful phones and phones that have bigger batteries in them.
    They're progressing not staying stagnant.
  • Yep, think about it. P20 pro, better battery life, WAY better camera, dual sim, upgradable storage, finger print scanner. Just a few reason it mows down the new iPhone offerings. Coming from a current iPhone user!
  • My deviant mind would have had Huawei putting a laxative in the juice...
  • How about Huawei give their own customers free power Banks.
  • Ding ding! 10th round and we finally have a winner!
  • This is how to advertise and poke at Apple. Samsung needs to pay attention, theirs sucks.
  • Oh my, is Huawei going to also be releasing updates for the octo-core devices they have already abandoned, maybe to remove all the bloatware and spyware, to fix the braindead keyboard, to respond to user's requests for improvements? No? Then maybe they should just STFU and go back to Beijing.
  • LOL you're so salty and butthurt.
  • I have a Huawei Smartphone but my battery life is less than the Apple iPhone XS but they don't give me a power pack yet, I just messaged them to see if they will support their own products and consumers first here is a copy of my text: I see your ju%ce that lasts for the Apple iPhone XS but I have a Huawei Phone that only lasts 2 hours battery life, if i put out the wifi, and turn battery saver i can get about 4-5 hours but if i do anything with apps it drains fast and this is with the stock apps that came with it. My question is this, can you send me a 10,00mAh battery pack and suuport your own products instead of Apple's ? Because here is my Huawei phone and you have a power bank and I need it. I will post this on social media also, and then update social media and tech news with your response .
  • what phone do you have?
  • A company should be able to get customers based on your own phones merits, not by putting down another’s weak spot, when a lot about the other phone is better. To me it shows lack of confidence in your own product or of oneself. We learned this growing up as kids. So they trolled like kids, not ingenious at all, just upsets thier own customers who didn’t get a battery this weekend too.
  • Hi, I am a pc.....I'm a Mac. Lighten up Francis...I mean...m0sher.