Starting October 1st, Huawei will have a new CEO leading the company. But Eric Xu's tenure at the top of the company will be short, because at the same time as announcing his new position, Huawei put and end date of March 31, 2014 on the promotion. It's part of a plan Huawei has to rotate its CEO every six months among three executives, and the goal is to keep the Chinese handset and wireless infrastructure company nimble and fresh.

Along with keeping his existing duties as an executive, Xu adds all of the new responsibility of being the acting CEO of the company, primarily focusing on "the company’s operations and crisis management" and managing meetings of the Board of Directors.

At the end of his time as CEO, Xu will hand over the reigns to yet another executive again. The current rotation moves between Eric Xu, Guo Ping and Ken Hu, which each bring their own perspective on the company and come from different areas of expertise.

Only time will tell how successful the musical chairs in the CEO's office will work, but it's an interesting move for Huawei in an active attempt to keep the company moving forward in this fast-moving wireless industry.

Source: Huawei; The Verge