The team at iFixit is back again, this time showing us what makes up the insides of the Huawei P9. Once opened, it is immediately obvious that the battery is the biggest component in there. This left Huawei with very little room to pack all the rest of the components, but thanks to some creative designing, the company still managed to pack this thing full of great features.

Huawei P9 teardown

From the dual-camera assembly for the rear camera to the easy to replace USB-C port, the inside is just as nice as the outside. Some of the key findings from the iFixit teardown include:

  • The dual-camera assembly is noticeably shorter than the bump-inducing iPhone 6s camera, but not by much.
  • Despite rumors of a headphone jack free iPhone, the P9 features a standard 3.5 mm audio jack, compatible with your existing headphones.
  • The USB-C daughterboard also comes free with minimal hangers-on.
  • Huawei lists a couple specs for their battery: A "rated capacity" of 11.08 Wh and a "typical capacity" a bit higher at 11.46 Wh.

For a full list of the findings, and some additional images of the internals, be sure to check out iFixit's full teardown report.