Huawei Mate S

We've already taken one quick look at the Huawei Mate S — the new 5.5-inch Android smartphone unveiled here at the IFA conference in Berlin. Now it's time for ye olde video walkthrough.

And one of the more impressive points of this phone (that, by the way, isn't headed to the U.S. anytime soon) is the fingerprint scanner. We can't say enough about it — and now's a really good time to check it out since we're (ahem) probably about to see a new Huawei Nexus in the coming weeks, fingerprints scanner in tow.

Other points of note: The 32GB model of the Mate S (which is what we have) doesn't come with the force touch sensor on the screen. The camera is decent, but not spectacular. And the software... well, it's still Huawei software.

But the build quality is excellent, just about up there with what you'd expect with aluminum phones from HTC or Apple.

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