Huawei compares the P20's camera to a DSLR in new promo videos

Whether it be a variable aperture system on the Galaxy S9 or crazy-good software on the Pixel 2, there's a lot of excellent work being done with smartphone cameras right now. Huawei is expected to take things a step further by equipping its upcoming P20 Pro with three rear cameras, and to tease some of its capabilities, we have two new promo videos.

In the first video titled "See Brighter", we see a man with a DSLR that's struggling to get enough light in his shot. After the built-in flash fails to deliver, he then ads a more powerful one to the top. When this doesn't work, he brings out one soft box and two umbrella lights before being pleased by the end result.

To his left, however, a woman that's supposed to be using the P20 takes just one photo and is done before we see "#SeeBrighter."

In the second "See Closer" clip, our DSLR-wielding friend returns – this time using three different cameras to try and get the perfect shot. Once again, the woman and her P20 beat him with ease. After this, Huawei tells us to "#SeeCloser."

This isn't the first time a phone manufacturer has tried comparing its camera to a professional-grade DSLR, and while that idea is still funny to think about, we're getting closer and closer to the day where that finally becomes a fair comparison.

The P20 will be the first mainstream smartphone to have three cameras on the back, and depending on how Huawei chooses to use the different sensors, it could very well offer the best smartphone camera experience to-date.

Huawei will announce its P20 series on March 27 in Paris.

This is what the Huawei P20, P20 Lite, and P20 Pro will look like

Joe Maring

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  • remember P9 when Huawei used DSLR pictures in their advertising? :-)
  • Cell phone cameras are amazing now but a dslr with someone who actually knows how to use it is even more amazing. Digital noise under extreme dark shots is far worse with the small sensors of cell phones
  • So it's a telephoto lens indeed. I did hear a 5-10x zoom lens. I much prefer wide angle lens though
  • Just bad marketing. I'm sorry, but if you're going to say that images from your camera phone are going to out perform glass that costs just as much if not double the phone your comparing it to, you gotta show some results. These adds are just a waste. Very disappointing.
  • I'd like to see the full size images with the image data intact. Nope, that will probably never happen. The Huawei camera will probably be one of the top ten, maybe one of the top five. Not so sure if it will push out one of the top three, but independent photos tests will tell all. In video one, the photographer clearly does not know what he is doing. I can light the entire interior of a building under construction on my ancient Nikon. Been there, done that. Learn your camera or get a light meter. I'll let you borrow mine, and one of my kids can show you how it works :/ In video two, no one with any brains uses a real camera like that. If they were trying to show the differences between a competent person and a moron, they did. If they were trying to show that their camera took better photos, they failed.
  • I think the advert shown was very good.
    A lot of people moved away from large DSLR's due to the fact compact and and micro four thirds cameras became good enough for their needs. Obviously the hassle of using a larger camera is exaggerated but I see so many photographers with all the gear and no idea and they would probably be happy with the 10x8 prints you can get from a camera phone.
    If you look at what good photographers can produce with a camera phone I think we are getting close to them being good enough for most and the full frame and APSC sensor DSLR's will be like the medium format cameras are now.