HTC Sense UI Shown on HTC Dream

Yep, you read that right. Fresh off the reports that the HTC Sense UI will not be available to Android phones with Google branding, the great Android user base has managed a way to flash the SuperHERO rom g3 onto their HTC Dream aka T-Mobile G1. Which means, yep, you'll get HTC Sense on your G1. What makes having HTC Sense running on your G1/Dream even cooler is that you'll be able to take advantage of multi-touch (!), a feature that's conspicuously missing in the G1.

Obviously, HTC Sense is not quite optimized to run on the HTC Dream so you can expect bugs like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi not working properly, slight hiccups in the OS, and other problems. But if you really want to give HTC Sense a whirl, you should follow the directions over at HD Blog.

If you don't think you want HTC Sense, feel free to watch the video above. Just watch the drooling.

thanks for the tip Eleonora!

Casey Chan