HTC Scorpion is a Monster, Runs Android 2.2 on a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon Processor

If you're a person who demands the best out of your smartphone, we think we just found your next device: the HTC Scorpion. AndroidSPIN has received a leaked build file that details this device and it's a doozy: the Scorpion runs Android 2.2 on a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon Processor with support for WiMAX. That means it pretty much outspecs every device currently on the market and sets a new standard while at it. Yeah, we can't stop drooling either.

But then again, we're not even absolutely certain that this device is real (we hope so), if this is even close to releasing (we don't think so) and what it'll look like (with the beauty it has on the inside, does it matter?). For all we know, this could be a glorified text file that some kid drew up and sent around town. A pipe dream, if you will. But where would the fun be in that? Here's what we know for sure: HTC can make devices that set the bar in this industry, if anyone can create this ridiculously spec'd device, it's HTC.

So, Nexus One, are you ready to hand over the Android throne yet?

Casey Chan
  • First of all there is a big difference in performance characteristics between a single core doing every calculation and an architecture that employs dedicated gpu/dsp/isp cores. Do really think you do the community a service by posting sensationalist tripe without any real info? Just a few small steps away from fanboi sites like engadget imho. Tone it down and stick to reality or just become yet another advocate site.
  • Wow, calm down.
  • It may be called the HTC Scorpion (possibly codenamed “Olympian”), and it’s allegedly packing a 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor.
    HTC’s all-new phone may be running Android 2.2 as well as be equipped with WiMax support, on top of a bone-crushing 1.5Ghz Snapdragon processor.
    New info:
  • Urm sorry to burst your bubble, but this is an android site? So it is a 'fanboi' site as you put it, and any information about android is better than none at all right? Blimey..
  • First of all STFU. Of course they're doing us a service!! I love that tripe as you put it; nothing beats speculating about future technology with other tech buffs. I love talking better processors and updated software, talking api's and gui's. The fact that most of the readers here check back to the site daily if now hourly for new information on there favorite gadget means we are FANBOYS! But that's okay because all the sites on here are fanboy sites, just check out some of the forums here or on Crackberry or TiPb. As an old Crackberry FB gone Android I've seen your kind enough. You jump on your high and mighty horse while searching google for a witty retort like this "between a single core doing every calculation and an architecture that employs dedicated gpu/dsp/isp cores". Really we don't care we'd love to debate specs with you, but if you don't like fanboyism you can just GTFO!!
  • Indeed yes, it’s even faster at the HTC Obsession a.k.a First HTC WinMo 7 model phone. Pumping up with only 1.3GHz. More details:
  • The HTC leaks are getting so far ahead of the actual market. I'm sure some form of device like this is going to turn up eventually, but we are still waiting for previously leaked devices, like the supersonic, to materialize with an actual US carrier.
  • Oh aye, even devices that should be coming out "soon" are still kind of up in the air--I'm still not sure if the Bravo and Incredible are quite the same given that the leaked photos were a bit different. HTC's churning out new handset concepts like they're going out of fashion, but April is likely the earliest we'll see anything solid from them.
  • ok this is fine. But isn't WIMAX sprint. Sprint need to say something about new Android phones. I passed up the Hero waiting for something better.
  • Ummm.. are we sure this is a phone? Wasn't HTC pegged for purposely leaking bad intel? If it even has a 1.5GHz Processor, my bet would be on it being a netbookish device rather than a phone... Hell, some recent laptops barely have 1.5GHz
  • if u have a look at the Qualcomm webb page they state that they hope to have the snapdragon 1.5ghz running by the end of the year , so if htc are bringing out a phone with these processor i wound not think it would be out unil the end of the year
  • Well, it was nice having the latest (Nexus One) device for a month...
  • Wow! Such a harsh reaction to someone who points out the silliness of these unsubstantiated, speculative posts. Being a site dedicated to a particular product does not make this a fanboi site. However, the vitriol being spit at those who dissent about what's being posted does show that there are inmature fanboi types trolling the site....
  • LOL. When I saw the word WiMax I think I peed a little bit. IMO Casey isn't excited enough :) I think I speak for every Sprint subscriber who's interested in Android when I say we're dying for some word on high end Android phones on the Now network.
  • Yes . . . definitely dying for SOME word on ANY Sprint Android phone other than the Hero or the Moment. Anything new - and high end is great.
  • I might as well throw away my netbook, this is ridiculous but exciting at the same time
  • Wow. Safe to say upcoming HTC Smartphones with Android OS are insanely the best we will see.
    HTC Supersonic aka HTC Evo 4G
    HTC Incredible
    and now this.
    yeaa. =D