HTC One X/XL Jelly Bean updates tipped for October release

HTC has made no secret of its plans to launch Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for its leading HTC One phones, but so far it's offered nothing in the way of release dates. It looks like the manufacturer's getting closer to having its updates finalized, though, as veteran mobile site MoDaCo is reporting that the updates are due to being rolling out in October.

According to MoDaCo founder Paul O'Brien, the upcoming EE UK HTC One XL will ship with Jelly Bean, as will the rumored One X+ -- a refreshed version of the Tegra 3 version said to sport higher clock speeds. Around the same time, existing One X and One XL devices will get bumped up to Android 4.1, MoDaCo claims.

The site has no info on when the One S will get Jelly Bean, but given that it's already confirmed for an update, we're hopeful it won't be too far behind. As ever, take this with a pinch of salt until we've got updates rolling out to devices. Nevertheless, we'll be crossing our fingers come October.

Source: MoDaCo

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • Still no ICS on multiple phones it has been promised for by the end of August...
  • hopefully this applies to the Evo lte or I will be angry. you won't like me when i'm angry.
  • +1 Evo LTE update wanted at same time as One X....
  • +1...000000000000000
  • +1 for me too
  • I really am starting to get upset with Android Central for always talking about the One X, but never mentioning the SE4L... Is it because it's name is too long... If that's it just do what I did... Just call the "Sprint Evo 4G LTE" the "SE4L" (Pronounced SEAL :))
  • There are always going to be flagship devices that get more attention, and those also are the ones that get the most effort for updates by the device manufacturers. What you need to be aware of is how important device drivers are in the process of bringing these updates in the first place. You should read that article from a few days back about why we will never have the latest version of Android on our devices, since it applies. The short version: Without device drivers for EVERY component, those components will not work. With newer versions of Android, you need updated drivers, and you then need to test them to make sure everything works properly. What good would a JB or ICS update be if your cell phone service dropped randomly several times each minute due to bad drivers? Or if sound dropped out randomly here and there while the old Android version had no problems? So, the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S III are the current "big names" in devices. If you have a device that has the same components, you can expect updates at the same time or sooner after the big devices get the updates. If your device has even a couple of different components, if drivers are not available, you will still be waiting. There are also standard ways that things are done. First, the drivers are made available, then hardware makers need to make a new build of Android for their devices, then lots of internal testing, tweaks, then talking to the hardware makers to work out why certain things don't work and figure out what the problems are, then new and updated drivers to fix the problems found, re-build Android and test again. Fix the little problems, tweak settings, more adjustments. Finally the update passes QA for the handset/tablet maker, so, on to the cell phone carriers(AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-mobile) who now do testing for the carrier specific apps they force on us. Bugs found, or problems, back to the handset maker, figure out how to fix it, send back to the carriers for testing. Eventually the update is approved, but the carrier may decide to delay the release so they can make a big press announcement about it, or not release the update since it might distract people from some other big device they want to launch. It is a big mess, and is why AT&T and Verizon tend to be the last carriers on the planet to release OS updates for devices, because they have their custom apps that most people don't give a damn about. I will say this, I don't want even a single days delay because AT&T wants to test if Visual Voice Mail or AT&T navigator are working properly, yet that is what they INSIST should happen. Getting an international version would avoid THOSE delays, except one problem, the handset makers now want to do a global release of the updates, so EVERYONE is forced to wait because AT&T and Verizon couldn't test things quickly even if they wanted to. They just take their time, because they don't lose any money from delays of updates.
  • i just want the damn update, don't care how it's done as long as it works well.
  • I've been calling it the LTEVO myself. :)
  • Unfortunately, from past history, I don't see this happening until after the 1st of the year minimum.
  • how are they talking about releasing the jellybean update to the htc phones. the verizon galaxy nexus didnt even get any word yet on the jellybean update an it suppose to be a nexus device. smdh verizon get it together.
  • Just because the OEM has released the update, doesn't mean the carrier will. OEMs will do their thing then it will be passed to the carrier who will probably take another 3 to 6 months to release it, if at all. It's why updates suck with Android. Verizon is the worst offender with this.
  • I would actually get excited about this if I knew AT&T would be releasing this to it customers. In reality I know it will be next year before JB appears on this device here in the states.
  • Does that really surprise you knowing AT&T?
  • Not just AT&T, US carriers in general. Verizon is worse.
  • Yeah. Forgot about Verizon. Have they released jelly bean for the nexus yet?
  • Nope. I don't have one but I know it sucks. :/
  • EVO LTE included?? O.o
  • HTC one S and HTC one V what about they updating all phone with HTC or what ?
  • speechless...
  • It sucks the carriers here are such a pain with updates. It's why I refuse to buy any phone on an old OS. I understand all the reasons why phones come out on old OS's. At least the One X released with ICS when ICS was the latest thing. As it is now so many wonderful new phones coming out but on ICS well until they get updates I won't be buying. I did learn this due to Samsung and Sprint with my Epic 4G so I got a Sprint Nexus instead of the Evo LTE, it's still not perfect but they updated fairly quickly to JB when you consider Verizon has yet to update their Nexus which came out 5 months before mine. When this contract is up if LTE isn't widespread in my area then I'll be going through Google next Nexus. All you can really do is buy a phone you like.
  • To be honest, this is another reason I'm switching back to the iPhone. No, I'm not an Apple fanboy who's trying to take over the thread. I have a OneX with AT&T. Thankfully I rooted and I'm running CM10, but WHY should I have to do this? Why do I need to hack/rom my phone to get the latest OS? This should not be the case.
  • You obviously don't know much about how android works. Here is a must read for you:)
  • I would like Jelly Bean for my EVO LTE, but I'd like the option to turn SENSE off.
    I like Sense widgets for the most part, and honestly, I don't see any of the "lag" some people complain about. That said, I'd like the option as an advanced menu option to run stock Android without having to root my phone, and still get the benefit of this great hardware.