AT&T HTC One X with Snapdragon S4 Krait benchmarked

Thanks to forum member Phonegeek ​we're getting a pretty decent idea of what the AT&T One X with the Snapdragon S4 is capable of.  he usual caveats apply, though, this is early hardware and software that is close to final, but not exactly final. With that out of the way we can see that Qualcomm has something good on their hands with the S4 Krait processor. The One X handily outperforms the competition in Vellamo -- a browser benchmark developed by Qualcomm. Hopefully these numbers help quell any unrest about the AT&T version of the One X not getting the highly touted Tegra 3 processor in favor of something that plays nice with AT&T's LTE network.

There's still a long way to go before anyone crowns anyone with anything, though. Hit the link below for the full discussion.

Source: HTC One X Forums

  • All I can say is wow. My HTC amaze benchmarks are about half of that. Can't wait to get my hands on the t mobile version.
  • I wish the Rezound was on the comparison chart.
  • I'm not sure about the other benchmark test but my Rezound scores 986, on average, with the Vellamo benchmark. Above the Asus Transfromer, but below the Acer Iconia Tab.
  • or the Exynos based Galaxy S2 because the LTE variant scored way below the GNex and in real world the GS2 is more powerful than the GNex. Oh well...looks like a promising phone but to be honest every day goes by I don't regret buying the Galaxy's not getting outdated any time soon. :)
  • So I don't understand how this is supposed to be a downgrade from tegra 3. Most benchmarks indicate Krait is faster. Its funny how hyped the tegra 3 was over the last year to find it was only marginally faster and how quickly it lost its performance crown.Im glad I waited to buy a tablet.
  • I'm wondering if the core structure of the Tegra 3, with the low-power companion core available for mundane processing tasks, will significantly reduce power consumption, and therefore increase battery life.
  • it's not a downgrade at all. 4 cores doesn't mean better. the s4 absolutely annihilates the tegra 3 in everything other than maybe a few games. can't wait to see what the exynos 5250 will do.
  • Not like you will be able to tell the difference...
  • lol exactly what I always think. Its nice to know you have the most powerful phone.. but its useless if there's nothing that is going to push the boundaries and test it to the max. Android needs a game like Crysis was to PC hardware, it ran crap on most peoples PC's when it first came out and was a true indication of just how good your hardware was. 3D Mark Android wouldn't excite me as I would actually still like to play the game if my phone could run it well as opposed to watching it play through itself. Come on Crytek!
  • Am I supposed to be wowed that a Qualcomm processor performs well on a benchmark designed by Qualcomm? I wonder how it will perform on a benchmark designed by nvidia? Personally, I'll wait to see real world tests.
  • Quadrant is also designed by Qualcomm, but until recently no Qualcomm chip could beat the Exynos.  :)   But yes, real world tests are what matters most.
  • anandtech did a preview of the msm8960 and they used more realistic benchmarks. The 8960 beat the tegra 3 in just about all comparisons with the exception of a few graphics benchmarks. From that preview it's looking like the quad core tegra 3 is about the equal of the dual core krait, the krait may be slightly faster overall but it's close enough that either should be considered king of the hill for the next 6 months (till the omap 5 and exynos 5 hit). I thought it was kinda strange that the tester that has the phone used Velamo. Some vendor benchmarks are legitimate and unbiased... but that one doesn't seem to be. It always seems to favor the qualcomm chips.
  • Wait, don't tell me that I'm the only one who notices the networking is really low. Other than that the benchmarks are extremely impressive.
  • Doubling up the Transformer Prime? um yea I not too sure about that one.
  • I don`t believe in benchmark test anymore, I would like to see the handset in hand. The Snapdragon S4 Krait is a good processor.
  • with only 16gb of storage this phone will under preform.
  • Please explain how the amount of memory has anything to do with the performance of the processor.
  • processor going to have to work harder to move a cramped storage
  • um, no. this isn't windows.
  • How did you go from the topic of *STORAGE* to the topic of "memory"?. The amount of STORAGE will not affect performance. Generally, the amount of MEMORY will not affect performance either, unless free memory is low. The HTC One phones have 1GB of memory. The AT&T version of the HTC One X has only 16GB of storage with no SD card support.
  • Oops.  That's my fault for using the wrong word.  I meant storage, but said memory. 1gb of memory is plenty, and shouldn't hinder the phone at all. So to fix my first reply, @moosc how is 16gb of STORAGE going to affect the performance of the processor?
  • No prob. I am just hyper-sensitive to the marketing MISUSE of the word "memory" which has seemed to spread to lots of people now. It is really driving me crazy.
  • Amen to that. Just logged in to say virtually the same thing, but you beat me to it.
  • edit: posted in wrong area
  • Everyone says benchmarks don't matter but that is serious!!! Real world performance is what counts but lets face it.. those benchmarks will kind of give u the wow factor. I say as long as ur device doesn't lag, drain ur battery or constantly cause u to do a battery pull WORK WITH WHAT U HAVE!
  • I need to figure out a way to hook my phase change up to my Galaxy note so i can overclock the shisnot out of it.
  • I wish this was on Verizon. Simply put.
  • Not feeling much love for these Quad cores yet. My S2 hits those speeds, more with a bit for tweaking. No Tegra is a great CPU, the T2 was rubbish, the T3 seems just as bad. Krait seems to be slightly above a dual core Exynos.. Yawn.