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HTC monthly unaudited revenue up in April

HTC One sales fuel monthly revenue of $660m

HTC has announced its unaudited revenue figures for April 2013, revealing that it brought in NT$19.6bn ($660m) last month. This makes April HTC’s best month of 2013 so far, with revenue up from the NT$15.86bn ($540m) it made in March. However it’s still a significant fall from the NT$30bn ($1.2bn) it brought in during the same month last year.

The higher revenues are likely fueled by early sales of the new HTC One, although we should note that much of the world -- including the crucial U.S. market -- had yet to see the handset until late April.

HTC will be relying on sales of the One to push it towards projected Q2 2013 revenue of NT$70 billion ($2.73 billion). The company recently announced its Q1 2013 financial results, showing its worst ever quarterly earnings. It’ll be hoping that today’s numbers are the first signs of a Q2 turnaround.

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Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • This is great news for HTC! Now they just need to keep pushing quality products like the one and not release 15 variants in the same calendar year and they will find success!
  • Not to be sarcastic....but ummm this is just common sense right? Your profits are low last quarter because you didn't release anything. Then they release a mega phone and rev goes up? Guess what? People are buying the phone. Must be a slow news day.
  • Well, It is news that HTC released April figures. Many in the android community are interested in seeing if HTC can recover, so slow news day or not I would expect to see a mention here.
  • Like most Android enthusiasts, the editors and readers really like HTC because they were the best for Android in the past, and their products were popular and well loved. After being crushed by Samsung, we're all eager to see them come back and be popular again, so I think any sign of recovery will be met with enthusiastic coverage here. Yeah, the coverage can seem a little biased at times, but I don't mind. Samsung gets all the recognition they need.
  • I can respect that. I used to be all HTC but with disappointing releases I went Samsung and prefer them now. However I want HTC to do well.
  • Yay, HTC. Finally some good news. Its about time. Everytime I hear them in the news I am already preparing for a cringe of bad news. This is good to hear finally.