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HTC Legend hits end of life on Bell

What the what? The HTC Legend came to Bell Mobility on June 16, and now, just over two months later, the device has reached its end of life. Even relative to its unveiling date at Mobile World Congress on Feb. 16, that was quick. We're used to fast product refresh cycles on smartphones in general and Android phones in particular. New iterations of smartphone hardware and the Android OS are still coming almost too fast for manufacturers to keep up, but this still pushes the limit.

HTC has cited "supply constraints" as the reason for the premature EOL rather than "quality of the product or poor sales performance." These supply constraints may be another instance of AMOLED shortages, which have been an issue in the production of other HTC phones like the Desire and, of course, the Incredible.

This isn't the end of the Legend in North America; it's still available on Virgin Mobile Canada. Let's hope that Bell still feels an obligation to support this far-from-obsolete device for a long time to come.

  • Wow that thing had the life span of a house fly
  • A pity, it looked a great phone too
  • Telus has the HTC Desire for the same $80 on contract so why would anyone want this? If you're stuck with Bell I suggest just getting the Samsung Galaxy S.
  • I think the primary reason is the fact that Bell bought out the remaining portion of Virgin Canada that they didn't already own. With the shortage, presumably caused by a shortage of AMOLED screens; there weren't enough phones to stock everywhere. I got my HTC Legend June 21... a few days later they were out of stock everywhere; it took til October 2010 to come back in stock. The phone also went up $20 from the initial offering. It is a great phone and I do recommend it. I do however wonder how much this phone will be updated by HTC; no one could get, without enough users why update..?