Robert Downey Jr,.

HTC has reportedly hired actor Robert Downey Jr. for a 2-year global marketing campaign. The smartphone manufacturer will try to capitalize on the actor's popularity to promote their new devices, such as the beloved HTC One. A bold move like this should come as no surprise. It is no secret that there have been questions about HTC's longevity, with recent employment changes and competition with the behemoth that Samsung has become; though May was its best financial month of 2013.

The deal has not yet been officially announced, but the speculation is that Downey Jr. will have final creative say over the campaign and will not be portraying any characters but himself.

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This is a good move by HTC. As good as the HTC One is, Samsung has been pouring money into marketing, which has been effective. The more HTC can brand itself and capture the public's attention, the better off they will be. An actor of Robert Downey Jr.'s caliber will help them do just that.

Source: Bloomberg

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