HTC Incredible vanishes, reappears with an extra 2GBs (updated)

The HTC Incredible vanished from Verizon's website (opens in new tab) on Tuesday -- for a grand total of about 6 minutes. Don't worry, it's not in the midst of some massive recall or anything. It apparently was just to swap out some of the specs -- mainly the addition of a 2GB microSD card, says Mobile Burn. (Though we don't see that mentioned.) That said, the estimated shipping date is June 15, so you might want to trek to your nearest brick-and-mortar store if you're looking for one. [Mobile Burn via VZW (opens in new tab)]

Update: Verizon just got back with us, and indeed the down time was nothing more nefarious than to update the microSD card spec. Sky's not falling.

Adam Sawyer
  • I got my hands on a 32gb micro sd from a friend who works for a computer company here in NY , so now with the 8 gb onboard plus the 32 I just installed , 40 gigs of storage !!!! Never in my life will I fill that up LOL
  • 32gb? I thought our phones only support up to 16???
  • The device supports 32gb, but can only format 16gb using the phone. You have to format the microSD using your computer and then slide the card into your phone to get the full 32gb.
  • The 2gb card is listed under the accessories tab as an introductory offer
  • it actually is mentioned, look at the accessories tab "Limited Introductory Offer: 2 GB MicroSD Card"
  • They probably did that to make up for the 2 gig the system takes from the internal memory. Plus with froyo on the horizon for other devices it will allow the use of apps to SD.
  • Didn't they already include a 2gb MicroSD card originally?
  • How come no one thinks that 2GB onboard is weaksauce lol. My Droid was the same price and came with a 16gb half a year ago...
  • Did Your Droid come with as much on board memory tho? I really dont know. With all the internal memory on the Incredible, they didn't add a sd card. They threw the 2gb sd last minute due to some apps needing sd memory to run. And now with apps to sd coming, etc etc. I think its more for function than actual storage.
  • no one thinks it because it doesn't come with 2gb. the phone has 8gb built in. this discussion is regarding the stand alone 2gb microsd card that they're providing in addition to that...
  • I was surprised to see an "Up to 16GB of optional microSD support" capacity on the Incredible in the Verizon specs. I had previously recorded a 32gb max on the specs. That may push me solidly toward the EVO, aside from other factors. I have 16gb on my iPhone now, and it isn't enough for me to include all of my music, pictures, videos and audiobooks.
  • The phone supports 32gb, but a 32gb card has to be formatted using your computer first, before putting into your phone. The device will only format up to 16gb, so just pop the card into your computer, format it, and then slide it into your phone. Done deal.
  • I just read on.another sight the SD card will b preinstalled they're will b new package and a new skew
  • I wouldn't use it in my phone but it would be nice if us early adopters received a card....
  • i got my incredible in-store on launch weekend (would have gotten it launch day, but needed the paycheck to clear first). they gave me a 2gb card with the phone, which i gave to my student when he bought my old BB9530 off me. i kept the 8gb card that came with my storm.