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HTC Incredible S Hands-On [MWC] Updated with video

Your loyal HTC Droid Incredible just got itself a nice little spec bump here at Mobile World Congress 2011. The HTC Incredible S now packs a 4-inch, WVGA Super LCD display, rear 8-mp camera with HD capabilities flanked by two LED flashes, a front-facing camera, 1GHz Qualcomm processor, and 768mb of RAM, all powered by a 1450mAh battery. One clever bit they added: when you rotate the phone, the capacitive buttons (which are just a display anyway) also rotate. Add in the new Sense experience on top of Android 2.3.2 and, yeah, like we said, it's a totally respectable bump.

They hardware we grabbed onto at the booth was pre-production but felt like an Incredible: big, solid, and not shy about adding a little thickness to get that contoured back. Pricing, availability - unknown. What we do know is that you can get some photos after the break and video is uploading.

[YouTube Link]

  • looks nice but same old specs booooooo
  • Did you get any pics of the buttons switched?
  • +1
  • No dual core? Bummer. At least it's 4" and a front facing camera though.
  • so there really no difference here from what i have already :/. would of been nice if they put a dual-core and 1Gig mem.
  • My thoughts exactly... last years hardware in the new wrapper. Same goes with the thunderbolt. Bionic here I come... Oh and way to go on the hands on... the one feature you spoke the highest of you didn't get a picture of. Hehe
  • HTC made the transition to the 1Ghz processors in October of '09 (HD2), and launched the EVO last summer, so perhaps we'll see their TRUE next gen wares sometime in the Summer or early Fall. HTC's showings at CES and MWC have been a huge letdown. There's always CTIA next month, but at this rate I don't see much reason to hope for anything different than these 'NEW' flagship devices.
  • So i'm assuming the current Dinc won't be getting 2.3.2 or the new sense UI?
  • I don't know these specs aren't all that much more impressive than current DInc. It would make me think that DInc could run 2.3 and new Sense easily, maybe updated with launch or soon after its launch?
  • All these phones are starting to look alike.
  • exactly what I was thinking...
  • what was that HTC phone that leaked with VZW branding
  • WHYYYYYY ONLY 2.2 on DInc S??? This thing will ship in Q2!!! I REALLY hope they end up bumping to Gingerbread. Froyo in Q2 of this year is BS. That is the type of crap Samsung, LG or Kyocera would pull! Thats tier 2, WEAK SAUCE! Come on HTC, you are better that that!
  • Would be nice if you actually knew how to comprehend what you read... "Add in the new Sense experience on top of Android 2.3.2" That's 2.... 3.... 2.... meaning Gingerbeard genius.
  • It'd be even nicer if you did your homework before you criticized others. The fall from the high horse can kill you. This device WILL ship with Android 2.2 not 2.3.2. AC failed once again, either an honest mistake or to overcompensate for the "upgrade specs". Check out BGR: This is all over the internet That's 2....2.... Yes, it will be upgraded to 2.4 That's 2......4..... But not until AFTER the launch. I agree with the the poster you attempted to chastise, 1 year later launching with 2.2 is subpar IMO. Devices aren't getting any cheaper, yet upgrade policies are getting stricter and we're supposed to be excited over a minor spec jump? This latest proliferation of devices by HTC that are specced and designed almost identically is eerily similar to what RIM did a few years ago that had devastating effects on quality control and market share drops. I'll hold my predictions for HTC's future till CITA, however if they don't step up with either a dual core or something to optimize battery usage i'll be looking at moto or samsung from now on. p.s. don't be a douche anymore
  • Good job trying to insult me but instead showing you are a complete moron. You just made me feel better about myself, thank you. Thank you Combat Swimmer for setting the record straight. Apparently some people like to attack others even if they have no idea what they are talking about.
  • 1450mAh battery? Boo!
  • Yeah boo, but this must be a record for HTC, really small in Desire Z & Desire HD.
  • Yeah, I had to get the HTC factory extended battery for my Incredible just to get it to make it through a single day. If I used it with the stock battery, I got almost 5 hours of use before it died. That stock battery was what, 1300mah? I don't see 1450mah as a serious improvement at all. I can barely make it through the day (8am to 10pm) using the 2150mah extended battery. Does this new Incredible S have half the display power required for the same brightness and some kind of better power management or something? How can it possibly only have a 1450mah battery?
  • How the hell is my 1300mah G2 battery making it through an entire day... I've been toying with nabbing an 1800mah Mugen, but it's not like I need it badly, but it would save me from the few times i've been at like 15% at 9PM..
  • kinda perplexing why they decided not to announce a flagship phone... just an old phone with slightly bumped specs.
  • Since this is a incredible i assume it would launch on verizon but with the thunderbolt coming out that seems stupid.
  • You guys sure the Increidble S is running 2.3? All the other sites are reporting 2.2
  • Nope, they got it wrong. It's launching 2.2 and then supposedly jumping to 2.3 after launch. But hey, the capacitive buttons turn sideways when you tilt the phone so you know what they are even in landscape mode!
  • Makes no sense for Verizon... would make much more sense for Sprint.
  • i am considering switching from android to WP7
  • this is the second article ive seen you post this exact comment and neither time it was relevant to the article....moderators you got a troll here....
  • Why is everyone assuming Verizon and/or Sprint are even getting this phone? Nothing in the article mentions which cell radios this thing has.
  • ^^^ This.. I bet its a european model.
  • Why wouldn't this go to Verizon? They already have the Incredible, so by not changing the name, seems obvious it would go there.
    Besides the LTE and a few minor specs, how is this different than the Bolt?
  • Because the Incredible wasn't just a phone designed for Verizon, thats where it ended up being CDMA and for the US as the Droid Incredible by HTC on Verizon. I have a feeling this bigger brother, will end up in Europe only. Even if it is released in the US, on Verizon, it will give Verizon Wireless customers the option to have an HTC device of similar performance with the Thunderbolt, without paying the premium for LTE that we all know is probably coming.
  • I wonder why HTC is putting their dual core phone on AT&T? Now that Verizon is carrying the iPhone you'd think HTC would release phones that out compete it such as 4.3" LTE with dual core. I still think the Dinc is a match for the iPhone but I've been hoping Verizon would get an EVO like phone that is dual core, LTE, and HDMI out. I don't like Motorola phones, I've never felt like they're a very good quality device but they are getting new stuff out on their phones faster it seems.
  • It's called the HTC ThunderBolt and its coming on the 24th. The only difference from what you want is it doesn't have dual-core. Which you should know that dual cores are useless on android phones because the current software doesn't support it and won't support it until, not gingerbread, but honeycomb. So you probably won't get honeycomb on your phone or will have a new one by that time. BTW, the dual-core LTE device on Verizon, the moto bionic, guess what? The Single core ThunderBolt out benchmarked it. Dual-core on a phone is useless, at least now. And even when dual-core is supported, its only really for gaming.
  • That's not very accurate, go look at the Atrix preview on Anandtech, or the LG Optimus 2X review, or the Atrix review on engadget. Benchmarks favored the dual core phones, subjective opinion was that they felt way snappier, and battery life didn't even suffer. So basically you're sorely mistaken and if HTC isn't holding back a big announcement for CITA then they're falling way behind Samsung, Moto, and even LG who are all launching dual core phones in the coming months. Oh and Android IS already multi-threaded (dual core aware), GB or Ice Cream will bring further optimizations but they're by no means required to enjoy increased performance from dual core SoCs.
  • it doesn't have HDMI out
  • And why wold it go to Sprint either? This is an Evo with a different name.
  • I know the rest of you guys are whining about lack of dual core but I'm definitely getting this if its available soon. I won't be jumping on the 4G bandwagon until I know what affect the new iCrap has on the network if a 4G version of that phone comes out this summer.
  • I want a 4" screen, dual core, and 4G from Verizon!! Please don't make me go over to at&t and get the Atrix 4G!! :(
  • You'd really leave Verizon to go to AT&T? You might be getting a superior phone but you won't be able to take advantage of it on a crippled network with "4G" you could laugh at!!!
  • lol I know!! I dont want to, but Verizon only interested in selling huge 4.3" phones with the specs I want.
  • New Gen Snapdragon, more Ram, 2.3.2, front facing camera, and a bigger screen. Thats a damn good upgrade. HTC isn't doing Dual Core yet, they're getting similar results with the new gen Snapdragon's. There's nothing wrong with this phone by any means. *Waits for Thunderbolt*
  • It's shipping w/ 2.2 and the new gen Snapragon's are no where near the battery savings that the pre-production dual cores have reported. I know that android OS isn't yet fully optimized to handle dual cores in the performance end, but the battery savings are great. The main gripe of the current incredible is how sad the battery is, now HTC is going to give you a bigger screen and the same battery with no dual core? At least Sedio and the hong kong battery market will flourish.
  • Phonescoop said this is a GSM phone and it will prob be for Tmobile!! Is Verizon getting any new phones?? Besides of the one we know of.
  • i was asking my self the same question....hope HTC comes with something new for verizon... finger cross
  • I'm a little bumbed-out on the bigger screen. Myself personally, I like the screen size of the current Incredible. Not a big fan of the larger screens a la Evo. I really wished the new Incredible didn't mess with it's current form factor.
  • I sure would like to see the bench marks where the bolt out performed the bionic.
  • Watching Phil in the live blog from htc press release last night he said it would be released in Europe and Asia.
  • Things change minute by minute, Phil sometimes is painful to watch. This has T-Mobile bands along with HSPA+, I like it.
  • so.. is this the same as the rumored Incredible 2?
  • This phone has IMO great specs. Everything isn't dual core. I like this phone, perfect size plenty of ram, good internal storage, sd card, FFC, and the 4 inch screen is the perfect size to carry in your pocket, not too big just right. Best of all it also has HSPA+ and will work on T-Mobile network in USA. Bring it to us T-Mobile.
  • It looks like the Desire HD , but with a Droid Incredible look-a-like battery cover
    HTC u can do better then this ?
    The Desire HD , Inspire 4G , Thunderbolt are basiclly the same phone (accept for minor tweeks)
    Im not saying the Desire HD is ugly , but this is too much
    They should've made one like their Windows Phone 7 devices
  • I have just over a year before I'm planning on upgrading to a new phone, and seeing that I got my Incredible the day it was released, I would assume most of the other users out there with an Incredible are probably not going for this phone, if it's available for Verizon. So what's the fret? The specs are just fine for somebody looking for a new phone. I just hope somebody brings back high-end 3.7" Android phones.
  • As much as I love my Incredible the new one isn't enough for me to dump it especially since the Thunderbolt will allow talk and data at the same time. I am not due till next yr. My INC will do just fine.
    If Verizon were to get the new INC and it were to talk and data at the same time like the TB I might consider it. But for me when I upgrade will probably be the TB
  • HTC = 2011 FAIL
  • What a disappointment. I was hoping to see specs similar to the Motorola Bionic. This isn't worth an upgrade. I really like my Dinc and gave HTC mega props last year when I bought it. But it looks like I may have to make the switch to the Bionic in June. Oh well...
  • I'm sure the 1GHz Qualcomm processor will be faster than what the current D'inc has and 768mb of RAM is nice, but I'm definitely not buying this phone. Sucks because I was looking forward to it.
  • Is this coming to the US? :O
  • LOL this isn't even that much of an upgrade, ore like a hardware refresh.