HTC Knight (aka Evo 4G Shift and Speedy) shows up in Best Buy's system as PG0610

The HTC Knight -- also known as the Evo 4G Shift and/or Speedy -- has made its way into Best Buy's inventory data transfer system. This is the smartphone that we're expecting to be a four-row horizontal slider -- basically Sprint's version of the G2. Still up in the air is any indication of a 4G radio or front-facing camera. And note that the PG0610 designation is different than the A7373 we saw in a previous leaked pic that pointed toward the first part of January (which coincides with CES), so things are a tad muddy at this point. But we likely don't have too long to find out what's up. Thanks to you know who.

Phil Nickinson
  • first, and im getting pretty excited for this device.
  • That's the data transfer machine, not the inventory system.
  • Ah, good to know. Updated the post.
  • watch the other product code to be for the WP7 htc thats due out
  • Meh. At this point I need a quantum leap in hardware to even consider upgrading from my current EVO. I mean I went from G1 to EVO. At this point I'm going to need a dual core, near field communication, and possibly something more for my next phone. Maybe 8GB internal storage with microSD expansion? And at minimum a 4.3" screen.
  • I agree with you. I'm so blown away by my EVO, and I've got a while to go before an upgrade, so I'll just be watching this one from the sidelines, ON THE NOW NETWORK. LOL!!!
  • Def agree, there is not another phone out that can do what the EVO does....especially now that cyanogenmod has finished 4G and full HDMI out. But........there is something on the horizon from HTC coming to sprint. Dual Core, 1.5 gz, 1080p video recording, MONSTER....And im not sure I will be able to pass on that one. But thats not for another few months, but will be announced soon.
  • I also agree with u guys, for me to get rid of this evo is gonna take way more than that, I'm too hooked with this phone to let go right now this phone those everything like having a loptop...the next time I'll upgrade is for the Evo2
  • This is now three landscape slider Android phones on Sprint, but portrait QWERTY. C'mon, HTC, release a competitor to the Droid Pro and bring it to Sprint.
  • Thank you i agree also, i'm anticipating this phone but its frustrating that SPRINT keeps releasing ANDROID devices with Keyboards. i hope they release another HTC phone without a Keyboard before March. but i doubt it.
  • NFC will not be used widely, for several years. Having it in a phone you buy in the next few years will be pointless.
  • I'm with silicon. Honestly my DX can't be beat compared to all the other phones out there I have played with and the newcomers have not really caught my attention. I'm holding out for the next 4.3 inch screen monster. Until then I love my X.
  • HTC Apache? Wasn't that the PPC-6700 with Windows Mobile 5?
  • Yep, it was. It was a great phone for its time, and I still miss it. It was my first smartphone, and it introduced me to having the power of an (admittedly limited by today's specs) PC in my pocket, and it was extremely hackable. If I wasn't so happy with my Epic 4G I'd get another Apache just for old times sake, lol.
  • It has an ultra high res 4" screen, 1.2ghz dual core CPU right? Oh, never-mind :)
  • I still think they should not use the word "Evo" on something with a small screen like the Knight.
  • 3.7" isn't that small. If you want small, try the phone I currently have, the HTC Touch Pro, coming in at 2.8". Now that's a small screen.
    Playing with the G2 at the Tmo store, I like the size of the screen and it seems just right. I'm still waiting to see either the merge or this to come out noncarrier modified and I'll probably snag one or the other.
    And to those who will say it's the G2, it is not. Design/keyboard hinge is completely different so it won't be the G2.
  • Compared to 4.3", 3.7" is *small*.
  • semantics. 3.7" is still not considered to be a small screen. it's only .6 of an inch smaller. Otherwise I could say the evo has a small screen.... in comparison to the dell streak.
    Plenty of devices out there with an actual small screen. this is more of a medium sized screen.
    you want small? talk about the aria. now that's over an inch smaller than the evo. want even smaller? my HTC Fuze is running in at 2.8" (and yeah, i'm dying to jump to android.. waiting for this or the lexikon). but this particular phone is nowhere near the word small. It's medium.
  • 3.7" is bigger than the 3.1" screen I had on the Palm Pre Plus. I'd have snagged this instead of the EVO if it were there and had a front facing Camera. I like having a physical keyboard. Still trying to get use to typing on a screen with the EVO.
  • Oh darn. And I just got my EVO on Friday. VERY happy with it. Just couldn't wait until January to dump AT&T and the Pre Plus to walk into the loving arms of Sprint and the EVO. It will be interesting if they give it a front facing camera and 4G.
  • I bet it'll have 4g and no ff cam.
  • I hope not. Sprint's WiMax(4G) is a ripoff!! $10 for access to a network that only seems to work outside and isn't even available in most area. I'd much rather have a FFC then WiMax!
  • Well lets hope you and everyone learn from what I'm about to tell you, Sprint is not the reason for the $10,its Clear. They already said if they could they would do away with the $10 but its a call by Clear and if Clear didn't get there act together, Sprint could end up owning more of Clears share and just stop the $10 extra a month.
  • I'm all for the $10 fee going away. I can do without 4G battery drain when there isn't that much 4G signal in the Atlanta, GA area.
  • cool cant wait to see it. Still gonna wait till after CES to commit to another contract though.
  • Well with non 4g area people crying that they are paying an extra $10, i bet if this phone gets released with no 4g or ff camera, more people would whine. They give us a non 4g Evo like phone and people are still going to complain. They always do
  • the difference is that they're whining because they have to pay for a service they don't even receive as opposed to whining for a feature that they want. would you like to pay for this imaginary 4g charge? I dont think so.
  • They have 2 options like me. They- can get a 4g phone and pay for the $10,or don't get a 4g phone at all. Me- pay the $30 for the hotspot feature, or root my Evo and get it for free. I choose to not root my Evo and pay for the feature but the thing is I don't cry and complain about paying the extra $30. Make that $40, as its the $10 clear charge and $30 hotspot charge. Both of us have 2 options.
  • Well, that's great and all but in the end, people who complained about the $10 charge is almost always because they don't even get the service. Why should they pay for something they're not receiving.
    I don't know about you, but most people do not like to pay for something that they don't receive.
    You are welcome to pay that charge if you're getting this supposed 4g and you're most welcome to pay for the hotspot feature, but in the end, if you don't get 4g or hotspot, then would you still be willing to pay for it?
    I don't think so.
  • While I don't particularly like the $10 4G fee, if Sprint isn't the cause of that (Clear is), I can live with it. Any way you count it, I'd have paid more than ten extra to get unlimited minutes with AT&T and at the next phone upgrade, I'd have to give up my unlimited data plan because they no longer have that. I could spend $10 going out to eat something unhealthy. So I'm not going to bitch about 4G because I keep that signal off and it saves some battery life for me.
  • I thought in the leaked RUU it was confirmed to have the same 4G as the Evo?
  • Is it right there next the HTC Merge? The Merge showed up quite some time ago in Best Buy's data transfer system. Still no phone ...
  • im hoping this doesnt have 4g, it would be a good Hero replacement