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HTC Desire HD (aka the Ace) gets caught on camera again

Well hows about that -- there's the HTC Desire HD (also known as the Ace). And this time we have much more than that solitary picture to go with. scored some video with a prototype unit (thus the blurring of the device's serial number), and we get a pretty darn good look at the thing.

Indeed, that's a pretty huge screen, presumably 4.3 inches. It has what's said to be an 8-megapixel camera, and dual flashes are clearly seen. The power button is alone at the top of the phone, and the 3.5mm headphone jack has been moved to the bottom bezel alongside the microUSB port, which is a pretty big change. Looks like there's at least one secondary  microphone for noise-cancellation, and the case appears to be of unibody design.

Check out the video for yourself after the break, and sing out in the forums if you spot anything else. [] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

  • MOTHER OF GOD... It's beautiful.
  • No track-ball then?
  • I'd still love to just get the Evo on GSM with a dedicated two-stage camera button and no fps limit. This is runner up, but why the change to the 3.5mm jack?
  • I wish the Evo had the 3.5mm jack on the bottom. When I have it connected in the car, I've got wires coming out of both ends (power and audio). It would be cleaner to have both coming out the same end.
  • I likey.
  • That looks great but I didn't see HDMI...bummer. Looks better than my evo
  • I have htc desire and two things I would like to have are bigger screen and front camera. I don't think I would switch to this one if there is no front camera. I cannot believe that they didn't put one.
  • Looks smaller, and thinner than the EVO.
  • I thought I did see an HDMI port, but that camera juts out and looks like a sore thumb. Other than that this phone looks pretty rad! Can't wait to see more!
  • can anyone explain to me how the designers of HTC design this MASTERPIECE. What's wrong with the back cover, what are those 'Patches' ? Can't they just simply give me a GSM version of EVO,
    i dun even care about the 4G that is not even strong enough to penetrate a wall or two.
  • I like it, but why would they put the headphone jack on the bottom? When I work out I always put my DINC on the magazine stand when using the treadmil or eliptical. with this format I can't do and I can't rotate the device 90 clockwise because sense only allows you to rotate the device counter clockwise. Hopefully they've changed that in Sense 2.2
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  • Wow this phone is beautiful!!! I hope they bump up the GPU though.
  • What carrier is this for ?
  • Did anyone notice the top left corner of the screen was blured out?
  • I think it looks pretty cool, would have preferred it not to have random rubber coating around the flash and on the side where the volume rocker is.....maybe that was a design to help from slipping from your hand.
    Another thing, as cool as the unibody design totally sucks for extended battery use. I have an extended battery on my Desire and use it heavily and never have to stress about it dying on me before I get home or if I don't go home for a night
  • It would be great if this was the HSPA+ phone that T-mobile is releasing soon. But, knowing them, it probably is just a moto cliq with HSPA+.
  • Wow that phone is stunning! Never seen a better looking phone! And I thought my dinc was sleek! Hope a bigger portion of HTC phones have this sexy unibody design in the future!
  • Not likeing it personally. The design of the back looks kind of all over the place with the rubberized patches. know what I mean?
    I also like my phones to sit flat so I am not liking the new bulging cameras trend like on this the EVO and the incredible. I don’t use cases. When I buy nice looking phones, I don’t like covering them up. I shouldn't have to buy a case so my phone sits flat on a desk. ;)
    Not a fan of the capacitive buttons trend either. I like pressing real buttons.
    Shouldn't keep the name Desire HD. The desire IMHO is by far, a better looking phone. This thing looks NOTHING similar to a Desire. Stick with HTC Ace.
  • I like my Evo way better. I was really hoping that the kickstand thing would catch on :(
  • This phone looks great. It's definitely top tier next to the X, Galaxy S series, and EVO.
  • If an EVO 4G and a first gen iPhone bred, I imagine this is what the offspring would look like. Not really a bad thing, I liked the looks of the first gen iPhone compared the crappy plastic back ones, and I love my EVO.
  • Great looking device. The build quality is right up there with the Nexus One. Looks like the only thing it is lacking is a front facing camera. At this point in time all top quality phones should be including front facing camera. The customer should have his choice to use the feature. I would want a front facing camera in my next phone. I currently am using the best device IMO still today, The Google Nexus One. You can do anything you want with this device. You just need to download the right software. Root it, go have some fun, sky is the limit.
  • from the looks of it, reminds me kinda like the nexus two should look. sweet. rounded edges and same looking type material. i hope around christmas for a nexus two.