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HTC 10 review 2017: The forgotten classic

When I first reviewed the HTC 10, I called it "the best Android smartphone you're not buying." A year after its release, both of those assertions continue to hold water: the HTC 10 is still a really solid phone ... but it's still not selling well enough to stave off the regular flow of bad news.

Maybe that's because even a "really solid phone" isn't good enough to capture the public's imagination in the current climate of curved-screen contraptions, or maybe it's because the HTC 10 is still priced pretty high compared to similarly-specced competitors like the OnePlus 3T. Whatever the reason, an HTC 10 review for 2017 seemed appropriate before the company launched its next big flagship ... so an HTC 10 review for 2017 is just what you're gonna get. Click the video above for the latest Review Re-Do from MrMobile!

Still on the fence? Take a glance at Android Central's original review and all of their coverage of the HTC 10!

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  • I wanted this phone badly but T-Mobile stopped offering it so I picked up a G5 that I regretted and now have the G6 which I love. All T-Mobile had to do was carry the HTC 10 in it's product line and I'd probably still have it. I wouldn't have gotten spoiled by the dual camera setup and wide angle lens.
  • Just watched this video.
    The HTC 10 seems rather.. stale?
  • I'm still happy with mine
  • When my z5 carked it a couple of weeks ago I came thiiiiisss close to pulling the trigger on the 10. I was sick of the laggy OS, and I loved my m8. But pricing one here put it dangerously close to the launch price of the g6 despite its age. I actually ended up soldiering on until the S8 release because I can use the dex environment at work (and also to dick around in gear VR!). The HTC 10 might be a really, really clean experience, but I need a bit more than that in the face of such appealing gimmicks.
  • If OnePlus keeps cranking out phones like the 3T and HTC doesn't drop their prices then there won't be any reason to pick HTC.
  • You can say that again
  • If OnePlus keeps cranking out phones like the 3T and HTC doesn't drop their prices then there won't be any reason to pick HTC.
  • I'm currently 13 months in with an S7. Tons of software I don't use running in the background, laggy interface, atrocious battery life. But a really solid camera that I love. I just watched this because I've been very tempted to pick up a 10 lately at the UI is clean and it is a solid device. Looked at the G6, which I like and does have a slightly better processor but the 10 seems to have the cleaner UI. IDK, all I know is I'm kind of tired of dealing with everything that comes with a Samsung device. Yeah it's pretty, takes good pics but I just don't need all the other stuff and the kitchen sink, the duplicate apps, etc. I'm not doing the S8. I think this may be an iterative year for hardware and if the HTC 11 or whatever they call it drops the ball I may pick up a 10 when the price hopefully drops as it seems like a really solid device without the kitchen sink. This post dropped my battery 3% on my S7...
  • I totally agree with you, that's why I stopped buying Samsungs. If the HTC U doesn't deliver I'm getting the 10 since you can find it for 430 euros now. I have the M8 but it's 3 years old now ;) But I still love it.
  • I got an LG G3 instead of the M8, I so wish I had of, one year later I traded the G3 for the S7 and wish I hadn't. I'll gladly trade water and dust resistance for better/less software, a high quality DAC and the ability to root. Probably still get two years out of it and save some cash doing it.
  • And don't forget it dosent break when you drop it... Which will eventually happen ;) And yeah, it's still very smooth with great sound quality. A phone made of glass... LOL. Great design idea, clap clap.
  • I'll have a TPU case on it to protect it, they have always served me well. But yeah with the S7-8 you have to have one.
  • Honestly I think you'd like the Moto Z Force or the Pixel XL. Moto Z Force is so close to the Pixel XL it's almost scary. Shatter resistant beautiful screen with awesome battery life, and runs android that is pretty darn close to stock. I traded mine for an S7 Edge, and I genuinely miss the Moto Z Force.
  • Well there's a chance I may be going to Verizon in about 4-5 months. I intend to take a good look at the Zforce 2 at that time. Also waiting for the pixel 2. But if they are underwhelming and do not justify their cost I may try to get a HTC 10 as they should be cheaper at that point.
  • 3 years of super heavy use and my HTC m8 still performs excellent and never had any problems with it not even a frozen screen. Patiently waiting for HTC 11 but if it's gonna have a glass back like the U Ultra then I'm gonna get the HTC 10 too.
  • Yeah I hear you. If they try to copy Samsung and LG I'm getting a 10. Great to hear your M8 is still running strong. I have a buddy that is still using an M7 with no issues and sees no reason to upgrade.
  • My only issue is the top speaker. When I sent it to replace the battery the top speaker started to distort the sound when at max volume. And it can't be fixed unfortunately. Other than that I love it. I hope the HTC 11 or U dosent disappoint us...
  • I've been hanging on to my M8 HK as well, but in the past several months it's been getting kinda wonky. It's rebooted several times on it's own for no apparent reason, a bunch of apps just recently needed permissions granted again, the camera froze in a macro only mode for several days until I dropped it, battery life is quickly waning, and it's getting sluggish. I hang on to it because other than it having a mediocre camera, it's (been) a great phone. I'm unfortunately prepping myself for the grim reality that this might have been the last phone I get with front facing speakers, which is another reason I've held on to it for so long. I'm gonna miss them when they're gone. :-(
  • Have you tried a factory reset and replacing the battery? Cheers
  • A factory reset was one of the effects of those unexplained re-boots a few months back, so yes... :-) Battery Isn't accessible.
  • I payed 50 bucks for a repair shop to replace it.
  • If my HTC 10 happens to die this year for whatever reason, I may just replace it with another one. It's fast, the audio is top notch, and there's really nothing terrible about it.
    The display(ugh try using this thing with sunglasses on), and the somewhat lackluster battery life are the only things I would definitely improve. I also find the fingerprint sensor to be hit/miss; maybe it's just me?.
    Other than that, I couldn't be happier.
  • The sunglasses issue is only a problem for me when wearing polarized sunglasses - it's horrible with them. That's my only real gripe with the phone.
  • For this reason I bought Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses without polarization. Except on or near water or snow, I find polarized sunglasses unnecessary.
  • The 10 is great. I pre-ordered on Verizon and haven't regretted it at all. Bought my wife an S7 at the same time. The wife really likes her S7, it's just not for me. If anything the 10 may be a little unflashy. I do like the closer to stock android now that I have been using it. I really like the HTC themes; I can change the look and feel of my phone whenever it gets stale. It just upgraded to Nougat and everything is running smoothly with no issue. I have had the occasion to "chat" with HTC customer service a couple times and have always had my questions/issues resolved. I've gotten into storing my CD's in FLAC format and with a 128gb micro SD card i've actually started to listen with headphones again; the DAC of the 10 and the boom sound customization have been really impressive (coming from an audiophile with a small fortune in high end home audio at home). The HTC 10 does all the expected stuff, call quality, bluetooth, wi-fi, etc without issue. I have admittedly always been partial to HTC products and the 10 is the best I've seen since my beloved M7. I don't understand some of HTC's decisions with phones (HTC U Ultra for example, why build that phone?) and why they seem to ALMOST get it right sometimes but never perfect, but to be honest, I don't know what I would improve about the 10. Camera is great, battery life is very good, never any lag with any program I run, fingerprint sensor works great (much better than my wife's S7). I don't understand why there are all the HTC hater's, but it's the same with every company I guess. It's too bad, because this really is the best phone that too many people passed over. That's their loss though, I'll just keep on enjoying this phone until technology advances to the point I need to upgrade, and I truly hope HTC will be around with another product at least this good. Oh, and with regards to price, I got $100 off by pre-ordering, $100 trade in for my M7, and later $100 in HTC credit towards the purchase of HTC accessories (something they didn't have to due but honored anyway). So considering the price of flagships, I don't feel like I overpaid.
  • (do not due, maybe Freudian slip, lol)
  • Hey, how do you convert CDs into FLAC format and then put them on the HTC 10? I figure that's the best way to appreciate the audio engineering that went into the phone.
  • I downloaded Exact Audio Copy (EAC) to my pc (it's free), copied my cd's in FLAC format and store them on my PC. Then personally I just connect my 10 via USB and select transfer files option and drag the copies to my SD card on the 10, I set up a Music folder on the SD card just to keep things organized. On my 10 I use poweramp as my player. I miss some of the old HTC apps, Blinkfeed, gallery and the music player. I side loaded Gallery and use it, but just can't save edited photos with Gallery. I also side loaded the music app but it wasn't compatible with the 10 unfortunately. FLAC files are large, so you definitely should get a large micro SD card and store the files on it. Jerry has written a couple good articles on what type of SD card to buy, get the largest and fastest you can to take advantage of the 10. For what it's worth, I originally purchased a SanDisk Ultra 128GB microXDSC UHS-C card, it worked fine for a few months then got corrupted, SanDisk replaced it under warranty with no issues, used it for about 6 months, then it did the same thing. They replaced it under warranty also but I purchased a Samsung EVO plus mc 128d 128GB uhs-i class 10 card while waiting and have had no issues at all with it. I've been using it for over 6 months now to store music, pictures and documents.
  • Yep, htc does have the best os experience. I used my m7 for years without issue. Then I got the note 7 as my first samsung. Great feeling phone but the Os was not that great. Turned it in and went back to my m7 .. screen cracked while in storage... lol. Ando finally the mic crapped out, so I bought a used s6 to hold me over... wow the is is bloated. If sprint hado offered a black htc10 that's where I would be. Metal and no need for a case is the way to go.
  • Does the HTC 10 have an ir blaster? I recall liking the stock tv remote on my old M7.
  • No it doesn't and I wish it did. I miss it on mine
  • No IR blaster, no FM radio, no dual front speakers ;(.
    I'm still waiting for real successor of M8. Anyway you can simply add IR blaster for few bucks:
  • My 10 has been a great, solid phone. No major issues and great features. It was finally HTC firing on all cylinders. Which kind of makes it a unicorn of sorts. I had the purple camera issue with the M7, my M8 got slow real fast. Skipped the M9 but those issues are well documented. They were always a step short of a great phone. And now, it looks like HTC is still getting things wrong with the U Ultra. With the S8 out, I don't see how HTC can compete, which is a shame really.
  • It's good seeing some reviewers appreciating this phone, it really is a good device
  • +1
  • I wanted that phone back then, but bought s7e instead, recently exchanged that with mate 9 best decision. I wsnt HTC to produce a phone that does not copy others, but be unique for its own
  • HTC has been copied by everyone not the other way around.
  • The HTC One M7 started it all...
  • Finally, acknowledgement of this classy, understated beauty. This is the phone for people not easily swayed by gimmicks, or for those who want a really solid all metal phone that doesn't require a case. And, of course, it's for the music lovers.
  • Still loving mine. Will keep for another year.
  • Nah I own it and it kinda sucks..especially compared to a newer galaxy or iphone, honestly it would be good if not for the small display lack of waterproofing it blaster and a bland cumbersome ui that does show LAG!!! Contrary to most 3 day reviewers always saying it doesn't..I really wanted this phone to as my note 7 replacement..Not even close, recalls and tin can has a cracked screen and is in my night stand uncharged for months now. I wish HTC the best but never no more.
  • Did you try performing a factory reset to solve the lag issue?
  • I upgraded to the HTC 10 from the HTC One (M7) after starting my smartphone experience with the HTC EVO 4G, all top quality and exquisitely built smartphones available the year they were introduced that continue to perform brilliantly.
    I suppose in a year or so I'll find a compelling reason to upgrade again. In fact, a couple of friends have used my M7 temporarily while getting their 'unmentionables' serviced/replaced. Upon return, I simply factory reset over wifi and with backup/restore re-populate my apps and layout exactly as before, painlessly off to the side, since I'm using my HTC 10. Like Mr Mobile has shown, the HTC 10 is definitely the 'forgotten' classic. I've handled and test used others and everything else has, for me, shortcomings compared to the HTC 10. I'm pleased to see Ara Wagoner, is at least the ONLY Android Central author who is practical, sensible, and honest enough to not get caught up in the gadget marketing hype. I wouldn't be surprised if an AC editor or two would use the HTC 10 as their daily driver if they weren't caught up in their requirement to evaluate/use the latest gadget. Ara, has to choose one and stick with it for a while like most of us. Yes, the HTC 10 is a Classic.
  • Seemed like a solid phone. It just should've been priced at $399 max right out of the gate. HTC always thinks they can charge Apple and Samsung prices. They can't.
  • Why should Samsung and Apple be able to charge more than HTC?
  • I think you are thinking of the A9. That phone was grossly overpriced out of the gate.
  • I'm still happy with my HTC 10. I don't want a bigger phone, curved display, or glass back. And I love Sense, but I miss the HTC apps, although I sideloaded the old HTC Sense keyboard and Gallery app.
  • I got the HTC 10 as soon as it came out because I had a Samsung Galaxy S5 that completely died on me. I had issues with the battery so that was the main concern when I was searching for a new phone. I started doing a lot of research and comparing of the different phones available. The HTC 10 seemed to be the best fit for me and what I do with my phone on a daily basis. So, I decided to go with the HTC 10 and I regret it because I have had nothing but issues since I bought it!
    I went to the store to pick up my phone and had it for less than a week before I had to take it back to the store for a new one! My first HTC 10 just completely stopped working one day! My battery died and I couldn't get it to charge. So, I did get a new HTC 10 replacement because they did find it was not my fault this had happened.
    I finally had a HTC 10 that worked and I didn't have any major issues with it until a few months later. I have not had this phone for a whole year yet and I am so fed up with it!
    Out of the blue, my fingerprint scanner stopped working and I cannot get to the home screen. (Especially now after the recent update)
    I didn't set up the fingerprint scanner lock for a few months. But, I did enjoy it while it lasted!
    After I set it up, it worked for... About 2 weeks. I just remember waking up one day after an update and I couldn't unlock my screen via the scanner.
    Seriously!! This phone is NOT cheap by ANY means and it's junk!! This is just my opinion on MY experience with this phone!
    It was impossible to find a case or any accessories for this phone for about 5 months or so when Amazon posted cases. It's very aggravating when I shop places and seeing cases for every other phone but mine.
    When I purchased the phone through Verizon I asked for a case and they didn't have any at all. I was okay with that at first because I thought.. If this phone is as great as they say.. I will get one in no time. "Not the case!" - pun not intended :)
    Another big issue I have is that my phone never recognizes my 32gb SD chip that I have in it. I have used different chips and even had a Verizon employee put it into the phone for me but nothing will work. It will only let me download things like movies or shows that I want to watch. I cannot move any of my apps and such over from the app setting. It's very confusing and frusterating!! This is a big reason for my battery issues. Also, the small key to open the side card slots is impossible to carry with you. It would have been great if it had a keychain or some way of holding it to access at anytime.
    So much has gone wrong with my phone and the bad outweighs any of the good!!
    I have also noticed.. Usually after an update.. My text messages, pictures, ect.. Just disappear! But not all of them, just some. It is very strange.
    The camera isn't all that great but the sound and picture quality are amazing! I rather watch my shows on my phone because the quality is so amazing. But, I would give that up for a phone that works and actually does what the company advertised!
    I feel like I was robbed and I intend to take my phone back to upgrade asap!! This phone is a terrible choice. Sad to say because I did so much research before buying it and what I was lead to believe was all a lie. A corporate scheme to rob people of their hard-earned money. Also.. The battery does NOT last 2 days!! I use my phone a lot. This is another reason I got the HTC 10, because of the internal specs. But, like I said before.. The bad issues I have with this phone trumps any and all good it has. :(
  • First of all, you need to try a factory reset. If that doesn't fix your issues, get a warranty replacement. I'm sure they'll do something for you and if you have insurance and it isn't anything you did it should be covered. If they won't do anything throw an absolute fit, in the store, in the phone, keep calling until they fix it. There's no reason to deal with that. I bet you get a replacement or upgrade. Finally, a phone with the newest (when it came out) high end chipset is not going to get two day battery life if you use the phone much. I don't care what they advertise, it just won't. If you want/need two day battery life get something with a mid range octa core processor. Those will do it.
  • Probably the most solid phone I've ever had. Not the flashiest but absolutely rock solid. One hard reset after my Nougat update. Other than that, my standard reformat of the cache partition once a week or so and this phone has been outstanding. I'm happy that HTC got the theming aspect down pretty good and made it simple. I had 3 cases and two different screen protectors from Amazon for it a month after the device came out. I slapped a 200GB SanDisk card in and have had absolutely zero issues. The fingerprint scanner is really great buy it's not the best. My wife's S7Edge is quicker and seems to be more accurate. The audio is great through headphones. And tuning it to the headphones you're wearing makes a HUGE difference. I wish they could have incorporated something similar to that over Bluetooth (Jaybird has done a really good job of that). The camera is excellent. It's not the best out there but it's definitely top-10 right now and really maybe even top-5 if you know how to play around with all of the manual settings. If you don't then you should experiment. You can get some really impressive shots and save those customs settings. My only two issues are small: the wallpaper doesn't scroll anymore (though it's been like that for a few years for HTC) and Blinkfeed is kinda useless now. I liked it a lot on my M8 but it's not as easy to filter out what you don't want in your feed anymore. I get too much junk in that feed so I don't even use it. My advice to anyone that has it or decides to get it: make sure you encrypt it (not the SD card per se, but the device itself) and require a PIN on restart.
  • Using the HTC 10 since August 2016.
    There are several issues:
    1) The hardware buttons are simply bad. Marques Brownlee promised that they are the best in industry. But they are uncomfortable and wobbly. The power button does not work very good now, it will last probably for several more months or so. This problem is very common, I tried many HTC 10s in shops.
    2) Gaps between the front glass panel and the metal body are big and uneven. Very common problem again. It catches the eye if you have white front glass. Worse than on the cheap Chinese phones.
    3) Quick charging does not always work. Actually it works only in some rare cases. It does not depend on the prone usage or the temperature.
    4) The bottom left part of the display is darker then the other parts and it is brownish. It is bad but now after several months I'm used to it.
    5) The phone is very slippery when your hands are try. Hard to hold it.
    6) No security patches since the 1st of January 2017. The previous patch was from the 1st of August 2016. Besides that this is the best Android phone on the market. I was using Windows Phones before and when I had to move to Android I simply had no choice. The GUI is less messy and ugly then most of the other Android launchers. It is pretty stable, some small visual bugs appeared after updating to Nougat (Notification bar). On Android 6.0 the launcher used to crash on closing all apps. But now it is fixed.
    Battery life is OK. The phone survives for 4 hours of screen on-time (3G, Wi-Fi, browsing). All in all I'm satisfied with it. What I'm not satisfied about is the fact that reviewers ignored the problems even though they are obvious.
  • htc m10...
  • It's my first HTC phone and they've hit a home run with it. Superb audio, flash/mod friendly, and reliable. I run MultiROM to make easy flashing back and forth but daily this phone on Resurrection Remix. Latest OS, stupid snappy, OTG mode, root, substratum theming, an SD card slot, it's a win/win. The only con I can give this device is the camera is not up to Samsung/Apple/Pixel standard but it's by no means a bad camera. Watch this thing fly...
  • Between my partner and I, we've owned the M7, M8, and HTC 10. I had a brief foray into LG with the G4 until it suffered the boot loop demise (would anyone seriously risk an LG product ever again - just the most appalling response from its UK customer services). Out of curiosity, I thought I'd try the M9. Now granted, I am a photographer so I don't mind twiddling with camera settings but oh my, what a gem the M9 is! The front facing speakers blow away my partner's HTC 10, it's slightly smaller than the 10, meaning that one-handed operation is a cinch, and it's now running Nougat. The fan boy journos may have slagged it off but, at under £200, the M9 packs the most punch per dollar of any phone on the market. Plus it has the BIG bonus of not having corner to corner glass, making it far more robust than any high-end phone currently on sale. The HTC M9 is the bargain of the decade.
  • After sadly leaving Blackberry because of stupid management and R&D decisions I searched and researched the Android market, had a dabble with iPhone... Not for me.... My requisite was, tough, attractive and a good GUI.
    The M8 won the day by a huge margin with the dual speakers, IR blaster being the icing on the cake. When the offer came to upgrade i stepped over to the M9 and to be really honest the only difference is slightly better battery, camera and a slightly snappier interface. So more and update rather than an upgrade. Now this phone I've dropped a few times by accident ( it does and will happen so always bear in mind) on tiled floors from worktops, from pockets on to concrete drives and each time both M8 and M9 just smerked and carried on regardless with only the very very slightest of marks... Awesome!! Now I've often thought of maybe going over to the M10 but only to stay up to date as the M9 is everything I want in a phone and more but and this may sound daft but HTC in their wisdom have dropped the IR Blaster??? Why? It a brings a big grin to control everything in the home with the phone.... No piles of remotes kicking around, just the M9 on the coffee table. The mischief factor of being down the club or the pub and to be able to change channels on their TV!
    So looks like I'll probably stay with my beloved M9... Sad but unfortunately true. Where HTC are going after ruling the roost for so long I've no idea, the Ultra seems like just following the pack rather than leading with innovation.. Just pray they don't fall in the same trap Blackberry did and listen to their fan base, fingers are crossed.