HTC 10 review 2017: The forgotten classic

When I first reviewed the HTC 10, I called it "the best Android smartphone you're not buying." A year after its release, both of those assertions continue to hold water: the HTC 10 is still a really solid phone ... but it's still not selling well enough to stave off the regular flow of bad news.

Maybe that's because even a "really solid phone" isn't good enough to capture the public's imagination in the current climate of curved-screen contraptions, or maybe it's because the HTC 10 is still priced pretty high compared to similarly-specced competitors like the OnePlus 3T. Whatever the reason, an HTC 10 review for 2017 seemed appropriate before the company launched its next big flagship ... so an HTC 10 review for 2017 is just what you're gonna get. Click the video above for the latest Review Re-Do from MrMobile!

Still on the fence? Take a glance at Android Central's original review and all of their coverage of the HTC 10!

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