How's your Pixel 5 battery life so far?

Google Pixel 5
Google Pixel 5 (Image credit: Hayato Huseman / Android Central)

A month after its initial unveiling, Google finally launched the Pixel 5 last week. It's a device that we've been incredibly happy with so far, going as far as to call it one of the best Android phones you can buy in 2020.

It's no secret that the Pixel 5 has great cameras and clean software, but what about its battery life? This was the weakest aspect of 2019's Pixel 4, and at least in our testing, the Pixel 5 proved to be substantially better.

A few of our AC forum members are already reporting their initial battery impressions of the Pixel 5, saying:

I've been using mine for a couple of weeks now. I've never had to give it a top up charge and usually get home from work with between 40-50% remaining. I have the 90hz setting on (didn't force it in developer options). Bluetooth is also on with my Fitbit constantly syncing (I know this hits battery a bit). Overall I'm very happy.


Nice!! 48% left and 4hrs SOT!! That's impressive. Im on day 2, been playing with my phone for 20 minutes and it's still at 100% from this morning. Pretty crazy


Mine arrived Thursday and I spent that day setting up the phone. Battery was good yesterday, but is getting better in my third day. Currently at 85% at 12 hours off the charger and with 2:16 SOT (some of that is an ereader, which is why it's so good).


What about you? How's your Pixel 5 battery life so far?

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