Android Q is shaping up to be an awfully exciting Android release, and if you've been rocking any of the public betas, you'll know that it's proven to be surprisingly stable in such an early form.

There's a lot to check out with this new bit of software, but there is one question that's worth asking — How's battery life been on the betas?

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Lucky for you, some of our AC forum members have already been talking about that.

Paul Guest1

I'm running the Q beta on a Pixel 3a XL and I notice that battery life is not very good at all: for example, this morning my wife took the 3a XL off the charger, at 100%, at 6 am and ended up leaving it on the table, doing nothing. By noon, it was down to 52%. That's obviously kind of terrible but I chalk it up to using beta software.


Exactly! Furthermore so though, I will say that ever since I've been on Q beta platform, my 3 XL has gotten excellent battery life. I'd suggest trying to wipe the phone once or opt out of the beta and rejoin possibly.


Battery life on my pixel 2 is the best it has ever been. I think Q is very battery friendly, no complaints from me.


Now, we'd love to hear from you. How's your battery life been on the Android Q beta?

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