How's the EVO 4G Gingerbread update treating you?

It has been a few days since Sprint released the official Gingerbread update for the EVO 4G and users have had the weekend to put their shiny new OS through the paces. Some are reporting random bugs and glitches while others say that 2.3 is running as smooth as butter. With any new OS release comes varied user experiences until all the kinks are worked out, as apparent in the forums, where members are keeping a running tally of improvements and reported issues with the update. So, EVO 4G owners, feel free to sound off in the comments below-- what has your experience been with the Gingerbread update?

  • Where's my netflix?
  • EXACTLY!!!!!
  • That is currently being worked out by Netflix, where the problem lies.
  • Probably same place mine is. Nonexistent. LOL!!!
  • They're working on it, should be an update soon, but my only problem is that the icons I have in my custom folders don't show the actual app icon it just has the white background and the green Droid, instead of showing the app it just looks like I have a bunch of Android markets. But other than not showing the app icon I love it. Boots faster battery life is much improved and the smoothness of the phone is very apparent. And the clock..tis pretty lol
  • I can't change any of my wireless settings including bluetooth, 4g, etc. I get an error accessing my settings for Wireless & Networks. I contacted Sprint but they want me to do a reset. Since Evo 3D is on the way I will just wait. It takes a whole day to get your phone back to normal after a reset. I am loving it otherwise.
  • U gimme back netflix and tubemate, I give u a happy man.
  • It was a little rough until I did a full reset. I also had to shut off fast boot because it caused too many problems with my home launcher, SPB Shell 3D.
  • Whats up with the phone going to the white HTC screen after using some apps. I assume thats Sense restarting. Is thats its was of managing memory now or something. Its getting annoying. Any fixes?
  • I get the same thing...after hitting the back arrow to get out of an app it will give me the white HTC screen and starts "loading"...Usually happens when I hit the back arrow a few times fast but also has happened when pressing just once.
  • I notice that too, which i do alot.
    Also seems to happen most when exiting the browser, espically after viewing a non mobile web site.
  • Yes, that is, indeed, Sense restarting. Apparently, from what I've read, it seems that 2.3.3 is a little more aggressive at reclaiming "spare" memory and Sense isn't be correctly prioritized/protected in RAM. So, when you load up a memory-intensive app (or several, as it were), Sense sometimes gets booted. Er, not "booted" get what I mean.
  • I'm having the problem after 2 factory resets, it's less pronounced but still horribad. I'm talking to sprint right now in their webchat, mostly i want this issue documented, if you're having the same problem please let sprint know, if we're not vocal they'll just avoid the issue. This is by far the most annoying bug and the one that seems to affect user experience the most. I could deal with any of the other issues, but this one is just too annoying!
  • I have been experiencing the same problem with Sense reboot. It's very annoying. I plan on putting a bug in Sprint's ear about it. Let's hope that with enough people order to get their attention - it may get resolved.
  • Same here. Also Meebo IM started having AIM login issues.
  • Happens to me whenever I use app2sd to move an app to my sd card. Kind of annoying.
  • Same here!
  • Ive actually been having that problem for a few months now. It isnt a Gingerbread problem. I think its got something to do with sense as a whole. But I went to the Sprint store, and the guys are just going to give me a new device, Ill let you know if it fixes the problem.
  • Going good except yestreday, the speakerphone would not work correctly. After 3 reboots, it seems to be okay now. I just received a replacemnt EVO last Tuesday, and the speaker was working fine before the GB update. My phone does boot/reboot a bit faster now! Allow me do delete Nova and Blockbuster without having to root, and I'd be a happy man!
  • And Sprint Zone too... In fact, why not let customers remove ANY app they don't want!!!
  • Amen.
  • Well Ive been running gingerbread through cm7 n my Netflix works fine but I guess since is a different rom maybe is the reason why it works
  • CM? Totally unrelated. Why did you even bother to write that? This is about stock roms.
  • Thanks for contributing nothing to the discussion. This is for people with the official Sense GB update. Your comment is like saying, "I get great gas mileage with my Fusion Hybrid," when the question was, "How did you like X-Men: First Class?"
  • BS. The comment was perfectly valid. Your reply just smacks of sour grapes about the open source community releasing a faster, more stable, not to mention free version of Gingerbread that is compatible with Netflix, whereas HTC has taken months to come out with its version of Gingerbread and it's still buggy as hell. HTC should just throw in the towel when it comes to software because all Sense does IMO is bog down the phone and drain the battery. Everything Sense can do I can get from the Android market. So, how's your stock Gingerbread update working? Not as well as the CM7 Gingerbread I've been running for months now! Not the answer you wanted to hear, but it' truthful.
  • No, you toolbox, it was irrelevant. Sour grapes? Bub, I already tried four versions of CM7 before coming back to stock because I got sick of the crap camera (no tap-to-focus=FAIL!) and the battery burning out in about 1/2 the time as stock. I didn't hate CM7; it didn't serve my purposes. I was waiting for a 2.3.4-based ROM (i.e. CM7.1) but HTC got theirs out first. Maybe I'll try it when it comes out. Arrogant nerd ragers like you are what give Android a bad rep and scare off iSheep looking to break from the iHerd. They see jerks like you trolling and decide Android users are too mean to help them.
  • coming from the guy who raged over someone commenting about CM7 over stock gingerbread, maybe you're part of the "arrogant nerd ragers"
  • Thanks for the laugh!!! I was only able to write this response after spending a few minutes cleaning the Mountain Dew off my screen that I spit laughed all over it.
  • I loved that movie :D
  • Well, his comment was perfectly relevant to me. I also run CM7 and Netflix used to work just fine. However after the OTA update rolled out, MY NETFLIX QUIT WORKING. I made zero changes to my phone, but now when I go to the market and try to search for Netflix, its not there. I can open the app on my phone, but as soon as I try to stream a show it just exits. So fetching stupid. F you Netflix. I got to enjoy it for like a month.
  • Phone does a full reboot daily about 10 to 15 minutes after I power it up each morning. Major pain.
    Might have to do a full rest, which I have no idea how to do.
  • Few bugs but overall smooth as butter.
  • Voice doesn't work for crap anymore when there's any background noise. Camera seems to be predisposed to being really washed out. Voicemail notification won't go away. Sense seems to want to reload all the time. It's way smoother and seems faster for sure. I like multitouch keyboards.
  • I had the same problem with Voice... there IS a fix, i'm working on locating the link i found on Google the other day to fix my issue... something to do with clearing the cache in Application settings and restarting the phone... prior to this fix it seemed as if voice commands wasn't turning on my microphone...hardly got any like a charm now... will dig up fix for ya!
  • I have been searching extensively, trying multiple remedies, to no avail. This update completely broke Voice Search, which for me was quite honestly the most used feature of the phone, running flawlessly on Froyo. It was the hub, like controlling the Enterprise. Now ANY ambient noise (including road noise, which this feature was best for) effectively kills it, and the "no speech heard" window appears even if screaming into it. This really needs to be addressed and fixed immediately. No idea if it's Gingerbread or Flash or what, but the Les Paul Google homepage crashing the browser is quite the irritant. In general my phone felt much more stable on Froyo. This release feels rushed and buggy, even though it seemed to take forever to come. I wish I had stayed on Froyo... I miss my Evo.
  • Well, all I need to say is that the EVO 3D is 2 weeks away..
    If I have issues, I can wait..
  • Bummed about Netflix otherwise I love the GB. I really like the updated GPS feature and the fact that I did not have to re-install all my apps or reconfigure my settings. It seems to take less to time to get back to 100% while charging. Got to like that.
  • updated gps feature?
  • First attempt to install bricked my phone. Received the replacement and now running smooth as butter.
  • Gingerbread has Been eating away at the available ram where froyo u had more RaM memory. That's why after using the internet or apps the HTC white screen appears and it restart's sense. Also I have a problem where it would tell me I'm low on internal space when I still have 43mb. I love the improvements by gingerbread and games have been running better. Battery life, well just a small improvement. Signal has improved as well, very sorry for the people who are having no 3g or 4g issues.
  • get app2sd and move some apps to your sd card. also it may be eating your ram because its not a fresh install so i recommend you doing a reset. Or you can way better your phone by rooting and putting custom rom.
  • a really good app to use is android system info, check the dashboard and see what your internal memory says. if it is less than 50% or 213mb give or take a few your phone is going to bog, so access your (home>menu>settings>applications>manage apps>all) application settings and move all movable apps to sd card, or deleting the unused ones and clearing the cache of them (not data!)clear unneeded texts and clear the cookies, cache, and history out of whatever internet you use power cycle your phone and you should be good to go. thats also the natural application manager recommended to use since task killers arent the best unless you exclude your resources and processed
  • I love it. It feels more snappier, the subtle tweaks are great improvements [animated clock is my wife's favorite], and the battery seems better.
  • The upgrades are minor in my opinion. The biggest update for me was the new Swype version that doesn't have the hidden word popup all the time. Other things are really annoying. My biggest gripe is that streaming media seems to be messed up now. Pandora, forget it. Slacker, hit or miss. We all know about Netflix at this point. If I knew I would not have updated.
  • are you sure they updated swype? this is the first i've heard this, others have said it still has the popup, and now with the improved copy and paste highlighting a word in swype is a bit annoying too, leading me to believe they didn't update it at all. I'll be darned!! they did update it! That was the most annoying feature of swype. Now they just need to work with the new copy and paste curser so it doesn't block the word choice window and it'll be perfect.
  • Agreed. I don't mind too much having to click the word then hit the swipe key, but I miss being able to highlihgt the word and hit the shift key to change the case of the word, you could do that in the old one. Overall I'll take the trade, but that was a feature I used to use a lot.
  • doesn't work well with some apps that will cause the phone to go to the white HTC screen and lack of Netflix is a real bummer, but can't complain otherwise.
  • Too many issues reported by others with the update both from others and tested by myself to say I'm happy with it. Running MikG (custom ROM) for the moment and I'm really impressed.
    He's incorporated Sense 2.1 into the Gingerbread OTA as well as a Sense 3.0 lockscreen. Still suffers from some of the bugs, but it makes it more bearable.
    Makes me question why HTC/Sprint couldn't have done something similar (regarding Sense) with the official OTA update!
  • Love the new features. Cut and paste. Netflix doesn't work! I was pissed!
    My HDMi mirror doesn't work! Pissed!
    Google on my broswer shuts out.
    I have to go through my bookmark widget to browse
    Please fix!
  • i gotta say i love it..... its way smoother now. everything works smooth on problems.
  • I have noticed better performance overall. I am not sure if this is related but 4G seems to get better connections & speeds. I was beginning to use the NetFlix streaming quite a bit. I'd better happy when a update is available. Although I have $50 hold me one or the EVO 3D, I may keep my EVO 4G.
  • The only issue I've run into is where Sense reboots every so often. Yesterday I did a hardware reset and reformatted the SD card. Since then I've not had any issues and the handset is working great. Don't particularly care about Netflix, but for those who do, I'm sure Netflix will get an updated version out before too long. Same is true for the Pandora and streaming apps.
  • Poor quality update...maybe they want everyone to get frustrated so they go and get an EVO 3D.
    2 Evos here running stock one from release day last year and one brand new that went from box to GB update for my wife. Both have issues some shared and some unique (both phones have the same settings), I'll list the biggies. Shared issue: Poor battery life... neither phone after being fully charged gets past 2-3 hours with minimal use before needing a charge and 30mins of phone talk takes both phones down to about 30% after a full charge. unique:
    old phone: Constant sense reload when coming out of an app, bluetooth devices don't stay paired. new phone: Voice search or functions don't work when car is in motion. She must be at a complete stop for this stuff to work. Also both google and Telnav navagation apps lose comunication when this happens. I had both phones in the car and the old phone is fine when this happens. You would think with this update being leaked and floating around for some time that bugs would have been detected and fixed before the OTA.
  • I love cm7. Gingerbread since January and none of these problems!
  • I thank this OTA update because it's buggy issues forced me to get over my fear of flashing my own ROM instead. Now I am on CM7 and wish I would have done it sooner.
  • My SD card coincidentally died when I did the update. Not sure if it was actually caused by updating to GB...but pretty crappy since I lost all my music and pictures. Apps were downloadable again...but I didn't have a backup of the pics and music. Bummer. Other than that its pretty good overall. Snappier and more polished. Seems like a more fluid and smooth phone now.
  • where is it for the EVO Shift anyone know???
  • Anyone having problems with the new OTA update I strongly recommend getting your phone rooted and flashing Sinister Tensai's Gingerbread with sense rom. It has Sense 3.0 camera. If you would like you can install the sense 3.0 lockscreen on it. To root your just use unrevoked and it will do the work for you. after that get rom manager from the market and flash any custom roms on the list it gives you. Sinister is the best. Before you do it there is going to be a pop-up that says create backup and check it then wipe data/cahe check it then wipe dalvik and check it. then the phone will reboot and start doing its job. make sure the phone has plenty of battery or just plug it into the wall charger. when the pone reboots enjoy.
  • I've never rooted my Evo, only because I felt no need to. That's suddenly changed. I'm going to root this weekend per your instructions above. Could anyone point me to maybe even a tutorial link to use in addition to this great information above? This may be a silly question, but when I root will I lose all my installed apps and configuration settings and need to set it all up again when it's over? I use AppBrain and the settings don't take long, but still would like to know. Will rooting mess up my Airave reception? Horrible reception in my basement (office and media room) without it. That's essential. Any further help or guidance would be appreciated, this update has broken Voice Search, eaten up precious internal memory, impacted streaming, seemingly caused Google to crash the browser, forced problems with vm notifications, and did not even deliver on Sense 3.0. Hopefully the issues are addressed in an OTA update really soon, but I don't think I can wait around for that to happen. Not impressed.
  • I'm over Android. Don't flame me. I am so pissed. First 2.2 had issues forever with SirusXM and Pandora. They finally fixed the apps and 2.3 rolls out and messes them up again. Yes, I know it is the app developers fault but it seems like they don't give a crap about taking care of Android apps. I just want something that works. Android is a p.o.s.
  • There is absolutely no way that sprint, HTC or Google tested this update properly before releasing it to the public. Very disappointed in this.
  • As long as Android stays so fragmented, it will be too much work or $ to keep everything up to date and working for everybody for some developers.
  • 1) When I open a folder and use an app in it, about 70% of the time when I'm done using the app and go to other home screens, when I go back to the screen with that folder, it's not only still open, but all the apps on the home screen underneath it still show, and the apps in the folder are also there, overlaid on top of the home screen apps, resulting in a jumbled mess of apps on the screen sitting on top of each other. This never happened before 2.3 2) About 40% of the time when I'm playing a game and close it, Sense immediately crashed and I get the green HTC letters over the white screen, then slowly the home screen starts to load everything again. This never happened before 2.3 Other than that, because of Sense it's hard to get a good idea of Gingerbread without going to play with a Nexus S =)
  • Same issues as everyone else. Sense bombing and restarting all the time is a pill. Netflix...don't get me started. Back to using my daughter's iPod...sigh. Things seem to be snappier with user experience and battery life does seem slightly improved, however still have to keep it charging everywhere....nothing like a smartphone that always requires life-support. Get me my Netflix back and send out a small patch to fix the restart and we might talk about my being a very satisfied EVO user again.
  • I am pretty sure this update is different on the Evo 3d so yes I look forward to that 2 more Friday's from now. Until then my current Evo 4g needed this update that makes it greater to sell to someone fimilar with android. Gingerbread feels good I must say connections seems much faster and I love the keyboard copy and paste it's the best yet. I miss my netflix no doubt only had it for 2weeks hopefully it will be back on the Evo 4g and Evo 3d. Until at least on my Evo 3d I can see HTC watch and movies through the market or play games with HTC online live or Qualcomm's 100games for snapdragon devices. Wow what a great summer this will be.
  • I'm waiting for the 3D. I'll unroot and update before I pass the phone off to me Ma
  • Im a security doesnt matter if i have great battery life if i cant drain it with Netflix
  • Only ran into a few problems with the update. Every time I use fast boot my screen stays dim till I lock the screen also when exiting app sense always reboots not a big deal but pretty annoying
  • Gingerbread has been ok for me... It did FIX the 720p video recording lag that used to be associated with the Evos. That's actually a big plus for me. Everything else is minor and something I think Sprint is working on and will resolve soon.
  • I've got a voicemail notification that won't go away even thought I have no voicemails. Dolphin exits when I go to Not sure if it's GB or that cool les paul guitar page. My LED no longer stays on when I have an SMS pending.Yes I updated Handcent. My battery seems to last longer
  • It's the guitar animation.
  • I had the same issue with the LED on Handcent. I found another option...go to settings>notification settings>notification settings and turn on the option to enable reminders. I chose to have it "keep repeating" and every minute and then used a special reminder sound and chose silent. So now my LED will continue to flash until I look at the text. Hope that helps.
  • I'd say the voicemail notification that has to be manually cleared constantly is my biggest annoyance. I go in and out of WiFi/3G all day and whenever it switches it comes back.
  • Pros: Much faster
    Better battery life
    Smooth Ux
    Quickboot rocks
    Many nice little features added (like pocket mode) Cons:
    Borked Compass even though it's an easy fix for HTC/Google (off by one kernel issue)
    Borked Netflix streaming
    Borked Shootme
    Lost some phone storage, did a factory reset and all is well.
  • I waited for this update for so long. I didn't root my phone or nothing. Now I got problems with the browser and it's getting me mad. Does anybody know how I can root this 2.3 update. Where can I get the files...?
  • If you really want to be around someone who doesn't give a crap then switch to windows. Can't wait for HTC EVO 3D to get here
  • Have any of you that are having intermittent problems tried doing a battery pull after the GB update?
  • Um.. no.. not really.... I can pull my battery out no problem.... ;)
  • I totally miss my WIMAX notifier, I wonder if the 3D will have dual LED's
  • Actually the 4G Does have dual LEDs (You mean the notification LEDs, right). I played with CM7 and the dual leds worked. So the stock rom must not take advantage of the second one :(
  • I installed the update via Rom manager and it's pretty good.
  • They going to fix the white screen loading every time you go back?
  • Does this GB upgrade not for the EVO 4G Shift????
  • Treating me fine. Don't really use the Netflix app, so that doesn't bug me. Seems a bit faster and battery seems to last a LITTLE longer. My web browsing experience seems smoother too. I'm not getting these white screens or reboots that others are all. Overall I'm happy!
  • I constantly had GPS & Streaming Media issues, but after the GB update, all related issues have cleared up. I can constantly get a lock on GPS withing seconds (instead of 5 minutes) and streaming from various audio/video sources is nearly flawless. Don't know how or why it took an OTA to fix, but it is fixed & I'm happy!
  • I can't even download the update. Both the firmware update and the HTC software update tell me there's nothing to download.
  • Goto Settings/System updates/update profile. I had to this to get the update. Give it a try.
  • Except for netflix not working my evo is running better than it ever did.
  • Everything running good except for the rogue vm notifications. Hope there is a fix soon for that. Battery life is better
  • This update is convincing me to wait for a new Nexus rather than going for the EVO 3D. It is riddled with issues and i'm betting none of it will be resolved. Also, HTC stripped many of the big gingerbread features anyway so I really don't see much of a point of upgrading and risking problems. With FROYO, there were tons of new features with much faster browsing.
  • Allot of issues that others have seen I haven't, not sure why some phones seem to be fine and others not. My biggest complaint is with the Voice Search and Voice to Text. Doesn't seem to want to recognize voice anymore so it's almost worthless at this point. I also can't stand the way the Voice To Text works in Swype now where it throbs the microphone instead of showing a graph to represent voice pickup as you speak. SO you can't tell if it's even working or not. Most of the time it doesn't
  • I like the new update. My EVO 4G seems to work a little faster. My biggest issue right now seems to be the voice search on the Google search bar. It repeatedly tells me that it did not hear me speak, please try again. I have to restart the phone and that cures that problem for a while but it comings back. I'm not sure if there is a conflict with an other app.
  • I've been enjoying my 2.3 upgrade since CM7 started in Jan. :)
  • Running CM7 for part month, Netflix working fine in gingerbread on my Evo
  • Gingerbread has disabled wireless-N. It makes a distinct impact upon those of us who use pure N for router frequency. Changing to a blended router (a,b,g) hobbles the speed.
  • Mine works great. My only issue is that Pandora seems to time out a lot. After a songs it sometimes takes about a minute to load another song. Slacker works fine. Browsing is great, I used the newest version of Dolphin HD. Battery is about the same. It was worse while running SenseUI. I use ADW Launcher and the battery life seems to be fine. I to am also having an issue with voice search. Other than that, its still the best smart phone I have ever owned.
  • Getting the same white HTC screen.. called sprint told me that there will be an update in 14 days to gingerbread. Anyone know where I can find a rooted gingerbread Rom?
  • cyanogen mod
  • google Cyanogenmod and see what you've been missing.
  • Working netflix...
  • I have had none of the problems with the update.The Netflix thing is there problem not Sprint/HTC apps that don't work is up to the developer.All the flap about the keyboard you can get it if you want,and HTC said we would not get 3.0 sence.I like it that people say Root the phone everything works fine ,I had and that is not always true.And if you think the 3D will not have some problems out the box you are hoping.
  • The upgrade didn't go so well as many of my apps didn't work properly. Reset the phone and reinstalled apps and everything is okay now with that. But, Voice Search/command doesn't work well at all, whereas it was flawless before. I'm a big Handcent user and they took the color light optionse away in the Gingerbread update, rendering it useless to me - back to stock. The good news is that it runs much smoother than 2.2. If they put out an update that fixes the above mentioned issues, it will be an excellent update.
  • Funny thing is I have neither received a notification to update nor havr I been able to update manually as I have been trying since June 3rd...I have tried via 3g, 4g, and wifi...nothing at all...
  • Disapointed in comparison to the 2.2 update. Only thing that messed up then was I lost my Android walpapers (no big deal) but this 2.3 update seems to have brought more bugs than ever. Some I can deal with but the autocorrect when typing now suggest the wrong words & I keep getting a " has stopped unexpectedly" error. These are the two most annoying for me by far. This makes my EVO feel like crap now & makes me want the 3D even more.
  • I was excited when I heard that the Evo was getting Gingerbread. Then I heard it broke Netflix and that it was 2.3.3 (no Google Talk video chat). My biggest reason for wanting Gingerbread was Google Talk video. So this made me take the plunge and finally install a custom ROM. I installed Deck's AOSP ROM, which is based off of CM7, but includes more Evo specific tweaks. Couldn't be happier! Netflix works. Google Talk video chat works. Runs smoother than it ever has. It's like a new phone!
  • I tried it for two days and went back to cm7. I can even understand Netflix being broken and having to wait for it, but voice search not working? Battery life was worse than cm7 (perhaps better than stock 2.2 but I can hardly remember those days).
  • Having the voicemail notification issue like others... roommate has it as well... and another friend with an Evo. Seems to happen every time the phone switches from Air Rave to tower, tower to roam, or tower to tower. This happens like 5 times in the car during the first 2 miles from my house... until I reach the Sprint Store - 3 miles away and finally get full bars. hm... Sprint, are we targeting the stores with your wee little towers in the Hilton Head area?
  • ugh... double post because of site delay.
  • My battery seems to last longer and porn vid clips seem to run smoother. I'm just saying. Why else would anyone need Flash? LOL!!!! KIDDING.
  • Everyone's thinking it, just no one ba;;sy enough to say it........
  • The GB update certainly brought some nice things to the EVO 4g, but I too am having the same three issues mentioned over and over here... Compass no longer works properly
    Speech to text works only with a silent background
    Sometimes getting the white HTC screen when exiting apps
  • I do not notice anything with battery life. One major fix it did do was my apps would not install if I moved them to the SD card but now they do. I am very happy about that. The major problem I see is of course Netfix... but the reboot of the Sense when I back up a few times.
  • The update caused my EVO to refuse to accept my screen lock password.No amount of fiddling with the battery, or attempts to perform a hard reset worked. Had to take it into Sprint to be repaired, and lost all my apps and data. NO, it wasn't rooted.
  • Left CM7 and went back to Stock to get this OTA. WOW I AM HAPPY I DID! I had issues with CM7 and my battery life was crap. ALWAYS had to reboot. I feel like I have a new phone again! Only complaint is the Compass bug. Netflix? Wow, lot's of people upset. This many people REALLY watch movies on their phone?
  • Only on my lunch break.
  • No problems at all and my battery life is much better. I am very happy with the Gingerbread update.
  • my battery life varies and i cant wait for the netflix app to finally get fixed
  • How can I go back to Froyo ? This in my opinion says it all.
  • Netflix not working is the only problem Ive noticed. I do have sense relaunching at random though, but that happened even before the update, so its got to be a Sense based issue.
  • I have not received the pop up for the update and even if I did, I'm not upgrading. I watch netflix on my lunch break every day so I don't want to lose that.
  • ahh... I hate it.
    1. The keyboard goes away while I'm typing.
    2. Netflix does not work
    3. Shoot Me (screen grabber app) is broken and requires root now.
    4. Scrolling pages on the browser is jumpy now. Pure failure! If I wasnt selling it to get a new Evo3D I would root and go back to the Sprint Lovers rom with Froyo.
  • Love the new restart option on power button hold.
    I really wish the Silent Mode toggle on power button hold wasn't removed.
  • How is it treating me?
    No Netlix.
    No Slacker radio.
    Constant Sense reloading.
    All in all I'd say it's not treating me very nicely.
  • 1. GPS icon in dashboard area not working correctly. Causing issues with apps that auto enable/disable GPS. Eg Custom Car Home.
    2. Can no longer "cut" only "some" of the text from the body of a forwarding email. Only cut all option.
    3. HTC Sense restarts much more often
    4. Issues with text selection in Dolphin HD & Mini (contacted dev they are working on a fix)
    5. Issue with GB select text input method etc menu in Documents to Go (contacted Dev they actually sent me an apk install that fixed it!! That was cool. )
    6. Random reboots and freezes after exiting memory intensive apps
    7. When attempting to move the cursor with the green marker in the email app the screen always scrolls down rendering the feature useless.
    8. Speech to text and speech search not working consistently
    9. Compass broken
    10. My internal storage has been fluctuating randomly (not b/c of new install, download, cahce, etc. )
    11. Netflix not working
    12. Pandora very inconsistent
    13. Shootme broken I have not done a hard reset yet. I will probably have to very soon. But, this is what I thought I was leaving when I went from webOS to Android. I'd love to play around with rooting and resets and whatnot, but I have a wife and 2 kids and a demanding job. I just want a smartphone that does what is supposed to do.
    The "improvements" are so minor in comparison to the bugs that I honestly regret updating. I almost feel like HTC planned to frustrate my experience with the Evo 4G so I would be persuaded to buy the Evo 3D.
  • most of the application issues you're having are bc of the update requiring root access.. Im having the same issue..
  • Netflix, and ADW Launcher not running properly aside, I'm happy with GB. Better battery life, and a more fluid experience overall on the EVO.
  • The update has been treating me pretty well... I don't seem to be have any of the issues others are having with the voicemail notifications, i don't use netflix, so i'm ok with that not working, sense does have to reload more often, wish they would get rid of some of the bloatware (Blockbuster? really? how many times can they go bankrupt), wifi is a little slower without N.
    My battery life is better, not by much, but enough to notice
    Reception is better... I've had 4G since launch in my area (Stockton aka the most miserable city in america), but now i can have 4G on and it doesn't kill my battery in 4 hours.
    The phone seems to run smoother and faster. One thing that is annoying the hell out of me though, that i haven't seen posted yet, is when i'm listening to music on my headphones, and i double press the headphone button to skip the song it redials the last number i called and skips the song. before the update it skipped the song just fine, or redialed the last number if i wasn't listening to music. Nevermind... did a full wipe and it no longer does the redial thing... and everything runs so much faster... but i lost my favorite live wallpaper, slow moving circles, i can't find it on appbrain or the market
  • The only complaint I have about the new update is that most of the aps i used on froyo are available but require root access when before they didn't. gingerbreak doesn't work for a solution yet. And not to mention the HTC gui keeps restarting with different program launches and closes.
  • HTC Sense is restarting. Several times today. I open and close different programs and Sense restarts again and again. It's annoying. That probably isn't happening to Galaxy S users and especially Nexus S 4G users. I echo the sentiment that I just want a Smartphone that works and it isn't hard to believe that HTC and Sprint would release the GB Update for the EVO before the release of the EVO 3D to frustrate users into buying the EVO 3D just to get a phone that just works. Sense rarely restarted with Froyo. This is nonsense. I'm not going to root my phone just to get it to work the way it should be working right out of the box. I sure as hell am not going to buy another HTC phone because I'm sick and tired of Sense. The Photon is on my radar for my first upgrade. Screw the EVO 3D and HTC.
  • I'm having similar problems with Sense rebooting a lot. I've also had a lot of low storage alerts. I've dumped a bunch of apps and still got them; dumped more and still got them. I didn't have this problem with Froyo. Anyone else seeing this? Any idea what's going on and how to resolve it without losing all my apps? Definitely a frustration. BTW, I've pushed as much as I can to SD using Apps2SD, so that's not the issue. Is GB using up that much more storage that I have to dump so many of may apps? Help would be appreciated.
  • Not just Sense restarting, the whole flippin phone restarting! Must happen an average of once a day since I got the Gingerbread update.
  • This is ridiculous. All week long after the update, there were no issues. Then the Sense soft restarts after I close apps. Any app. ALL APPS. WTF HTC and Sprint. But the EVO 3D probably won't have these problems will it. No. You threw a wonky update at us to frustrate us so we'd rush out and buy the EVO 3D, didn't you. Not going to work. My first update is in December and it sure as heck will NOT be another HTC phone. Motorola Photon. Till then, is there a way to disable sense without Rooting? Is there any launcher that works better than Sense and will or can replace it? I'm sick of this unstable GB sense.
  • Launcher Pro takes care of it. Default launcher. Avoid Sense like the plague. So far, so good. No Sense restarts yet. Hopefully Launcher Pro won't become a problem. I didn't use it with Froyo.
  • To hell with Sense. I'll never use Sense again after finding Launcher Pro. It's SOOOOO much better than Sense.
  • Where is the ((((( ARABIC)))))))))))Language in 2.3 version Where is Google about this Please dose anybody has an answer about it
    I need some help about this PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE
  • Inconsistent Facebook notifications. Sometimes they work. Sometimes they don't. Launcher Pro has cured the Sense restart issue. I highly recommend Launcher Pro. It's work the $3.49 purchase price.
  • Inconsistent Facebook notifications. Sometimes they work. Sometimes they don't. Launcher Pro has cured the Sense restart issue. I highly recommend Launcher Pro. It's work the $3.49 purchase price.
  • Inconsistent Facebook notifications. Sometimes they work. Sometimes they don't. Launcher Pro has cured the Sense restart issue. I highly recommend Launcher Pro. It's work the $3.49 purchase price.
  • Chase bank app partially broken. Cant view account information for credit cards etc. I can still find nearby banks and other secondary features, but the main point of the app no longer works for me.
  • Chase bank app partially broken. Cant view account information for credit cards etc. I can still find nearby banks and other secondary features, but the main point of the app no longer works for me.
  • I have a dumb questions guys, but please go easy on me. I just found out that an app that I purchased on the market is no longer available in the market. If I do this GB update, will I lose that app?
    If not what can I do to keep it?
  • No, you will not lose the app if you are running the stock evo software. Your apps and settings should all remain intact. I would still remove your sd card though just to be sure.
  • Thanks, I appreciate the help
  • For anyone having voice search issues try this........
  • All of these problems is why I haven't updated yet. oh I also don't wanna lose android teheter.
  • Hope this helps.
  • Not sure what is going on but since my update I am having major issues with the moble web. The reliablity of surfing the internet is so really almost at an unacceptable level.
  • I have experienced all of the issues mentioned so far, with the exception of those related to specific applications (i.e. Netflix) and just discovered one that I do not see mentioned yet and wonder if I am the only one. This is with the camera. There is a ghost image or even images when shooting with the camera zoomed in. The ghosting is not visible in the thumbnails. The ghosting remained even on copies to my Laptop. I also have an issue with the icons for apps installed to the SD card, when they are placed into a folder. Following a 'restart' only they disappear and are replace with the default android icon. The app do start, just lost the pretty pictures :) not a show stopper but it sure makes the new OS look like the work of amateurs. I will not be updating my wifes EVO to GB!
  • Fixed by removing all pictures and vidoes taken with Froyo
  • This question may have been asked, but I see no answer. When I turn my Evo on in the morning the screen is way dim, I have to go to screen settings, there the slider is where I originally set it about 3/4, but the screen is very dim, and once I just touch the slider the brightness comes up to where it should be. Very strange issue, but it keeps happening whenever I turn on the phone, this has been happening since the update. Everything else seems OK, speed is better, seems snappier as others have mentioned. I like the new look of the indicators, icons, they seem to have changed, including the 3g icon, and other system icons have changed. But overall it seems nice, I guess I will keep my Evo a bit longer.
  • this update has to be the worst thing i could have ever done. I did the update this morning and now it says i have 10 voicemail messages but when i check the mailbox is empty its constantly chiming like i have a text message and nothing is there twitter wont work at all facebook wont work at all a couple other apps dont work all in all my phone is now just a really expensive paper weight. The phone was fine before I just wish there was a way to go back. One good thing is now i know i will be switching to the iphone
  • my wifes evo shift got the same gingerbread update my evo 4g recieved. my question is, why did the lower grade phone get more personalization options as well as some new home keys and menu screens and the ability to change the window skins. why didnt the evo 4g get these new options?
  • Let me see, where do I begin... Hardware version is 0003, HTC EVO, Factory reset performed already. Complaints with new "upgrade" or downgrade as far as I see it. I am NOT a happy camper. Do you guys (HTC) even bother to test these releases before you push them out?!?! >:( -No wireless N wifi anymore
    -Compass not working
    -Swype keyboard quits working intermittently when trying to text or in browser. The keyboard doesn't show up at all.
    -Random restarts
    -Icon pics missing in Sense for apps, Android generics are used
    -Sense reloads when you hit the home key coming out of apps Had a few other issues before the last patch. There needs to be a future option for a ROM rollback, this is ridiculous. HTC helpdesk is clueless. Went back and forth over several days via email with no luck. They keep wanting me to do additional factory resets. This will be my last HTC. I agree with previous comments; this is enough to make me want to go back to iOS.
  • Compass? What compass? I ain't got no stinking compass. What up wit dat?
  • I just got my Evo 4g and the update hasnt reached my phone yet what gives?
  • Be happy you didn't!
  • Not a happy camper with the new 2.3 upgrade. The voice dialer don't work 80% of the time, text messaging has become a chore, if you go back to make a correction (which the green marker is great) it will hang up most of the time. I have to use the return softkey then go back in to allow me to change the words. I'm not getting notification of all my missed calls and the notification for the messages doesn't work half the time. Can't clear the income and out going calls while in the phone mode. This is really a horrible update. I call it more of a down grade. And still no 4G in my area is even worse, that I'm paying for.