Howard Stern re-ups with Sirius XM, finally coming to Android app

Howard Stern fans will be pleased to know that they will soon be able to listen to their favorite radio personality on their Android device through the SiriusXM  mobile app. Sirius XM was released earlier this year for Android and has been steadily increasing the amount of programming available on mobile devices.

Stern has just inked a new five-year contract with Sirius that will bring him to internet streaming as well as to mobile, two areas that were previously restricted. 

No date has been set for when mobile streaming of Howard will be available, but rest assured Stern fans, he is coming. [Electronista via TiPb]

Sean Brunett
  • XM has declined in quality ever since they announced the Sirius merger. Once they were one company, the quality of both the service and the programming was so horrible that I canceled after being a subscriber for 4 years.
  • who listens to Satellite Radio? and who listens to this guy? and who cares.
  • The guy got paid 500 million. Twice. Somebody must be listening. Don't be stupid you moron!
  • Obviously not you so why did you click after the break, be gone... Moron
  • Still waiting for the channel update on the app. Howard actually said himself this morning briefly after announcing the signing that it was supposed to happen today, or possibly tomorrow for the channels to go live on the apps.
  • Check out channel 202 for a real show. Stern was good in his day, but really does not give an effort these days.
  • 202 is not available on the web or droid app.
  • O&A? Are ya kidding me? They are two of the biggest posers on radio. Ron & Fez are more entertaining than their shit.
  • I've never actually listened to those guys. Do they get good interviews? A few examples of who Stern had in 2010 Francis Ford Coppola, Jay Z, Jerry Seinfeld, Billy Joel to name a few.
  • My wife and I listen to Sat Radio and really like the service, I understand it's not everyones cup of tea. Glad to hear they got the Stern deal done. Now I'd like to see a few improvemnts to their Android app.
  • Over 20 million people listen to Sirius on a regular basis. Stern has millions upon millions of listeners. You don't pay someone 100 million a year for nothing. Some people still care... 5 more years of one of the greatest radio personalities ever!
  • This is great news, I've been a Howard Stern fan for 20 plus years now. I can finally listen to the show, via streaming from the sirus app, opposed to having to download it as a podcast. Good news.
  • FYI until the sirius app goes live with Howard you can listen to him using wonderradio. It's a little messy and it disconnects every once in a while but it works well.
  • BA BA BOOEY!!!!! I am so glad he resigned, now I'll have a use for the mobile app!!!
  • Great news, thank you Howard and the gang!
  • The greatest man who ever walked the face of the earth. Without a doubt. And Sal is a dope.
  • That Sal prank was great!
  • So happy that the great howard stern will not be leaving us but they will be also be joining us on the android app.
  • hello hello
    ...hello post is wrong....he was always available for internet streaming is new at first i thought it was stupid that he wasnt on the Apps but now it makes perfect sense with the new deal
  • Stern Rules! The Sal prank was hilarious.
  • Did they say something about Stern being in podcast form as well today? I didn't quite catch it, but I could be wrong.
  • That's how I listened to his show. I had his show podcast on DoubleTwist. I think podcast would be better though, as far as being able to rewind. Like when he had David Arquette on, that was good show. Anyway, all you have to do is a "Howard Stern Show" search in DoubleTwist (although I'm sure it works for most podcast services).
  • Howard Stern? Didn't used to be somebody back in the 90s?
  • You on the other hand, have always been a nobody.
  • Why click after the break if you are not a Stern Fan, Go away and choke on your phone.
  • Hahaha the Sal prank rocked!! And Ron & Fez are lame Stern Rules! I listen on a regular basis at work scince im a drafter on pc all freakin day. This show and all thier crazy stuff keeps a smile on my face.
    I also somewhat enjoy Bubbuh the love sponge although he gets annoying at times. Anyways grats on another 5 years Howard.
  • I knew he was going to resign - there was little reason not to. Plus I can't see Howard staying at home not being heard. Hopefully this app will happen sooner than later - can't wait.
  • Howard can kiss my a$$. What a flaming ahole.
  • Zero point zero...
  • Haha. I agree. Cubfan is a zero point zero.
  • Clearly you must be an Oprah fan, Mr. Cubfan. Go choke on one of her favorite things!!!
  • i get xm for 20 bucks a month for 5 months... no royality fees either and free activation.... look it up online or call them and tell them u got the email for the deal 5 months for 20.... howard must be brining them lots of subscribers because they were bleeding subscribers and the stock price is really low... i hope they succeed, esp now with more and more cars coming with XM/Siri built in...
  • Filth and depravity.
  • That's why I listen...
  • Why do people always say that EVERYONE copies Stern? Scott the Engineer was the DJ at my wedding. But I love O&A too. I do not really think they do the same radio. They have always acknowledged Howard being an innovator. ' Its like saying all Metal Artists copy Ozzy. There is obviously an audience for both or they would not be on there. Just my two cents. Let the flaming begin!
  • I recently developed a mobile site for Howard Stern fans to get the latest info and pictures of the show while on the go as a companion site to the new Sirius XM apps that just came out. Please check it out and let me know what you think: