How Search Works in Android

Obviously, Android is going to be pretty big on search, I mean, it is a Google product after all. So how will search work on Android, specifically the T-Mobile G1? Pretty darn well. Search is easier on Android because it's implemented across the many applications of Android.

Here are some neat features of search on Android:

  • Type-to-Search on Maps - start typing away and a search box will open
  • Some applications (Android Market) have search buttons, others (Home Screen) have search widgets
  • T-Mobile G1 has a DEDICATED search key on the keyboard
  • For Google Web Search it uses relevant, up-to-date suggestions
  • On Youtube or Gmail it provides recent queries for suggestions
  • Platform wide searching - for example, the Music App can use the browser or Youtube to search for artist info, more music, etc.

It's looking pretty good for us who are keen on search, isn't it? We at AndroidCentral expect to see more goodies in the T-Mobile G1 that only a company like Google can provide. Do you like search?

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Casey Chan