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How often do you turn off/restart your phone?

Galaxy Note 20 Power Menu
Galaxy Note 20 Power Menu (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

Our smartphones are amazingly complicated tools. We use them to call loved ones, scroll through social media, stream music, play games, and perform countless other tasks. When you step back and think about it, it's all pretty amazing.

Most phones can usually perform all of these tasks just fine for days, weeks, months, and even years on end — all without ever being turned off. However, should a problem arise, one of the easiest ways to get things working again is by turning your phone off and turning it back on.

A few of our AC forum members recently got to talking about this very subject, with one member asking how often everyone else turns off/restarts their phone. Here are just a few of the responses:

Once a week


At leat every 2 or 3 days


Only when a issue arises


I restart on occasion or if I get a restart reminder. I have not seen a reminder on the Note 20 so I guess I should check my settings. Sometimes I do it if my Android Auto connection acts up.

Mike Dee

What about you? How often do you turn off/restart your phone?

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Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • About once a week, unless I'm having a specific issue and decide to restart to try to fix it.
  • Typically once a month, if I get an automatic security be update. I wasn't getting the September Android 11 update to my Pixel 4a. I tried a couple of restarts to see if that would trigger it. When that didn't work, I contacted Google by chat. They walked me through a computer/USB method.
  • I restart my phone pretty often. Several times per week or more. I sometimes turn my phone off while charging as it seems to charge noticeably faster.
  • I usually only reboot after an update.
  • I restart manually about once or twice a month. My Pixel 3 is still chugging along, no issues. #knockonwood
  • Once or twice a week. Turning it off for at least 30 seconds seems to work better than restarting it.
  • Is it strange to turn my new phone off each evening? I never did this before. I blame 2020.
  • On every Sony Xperia phone I've had a notification popped up after 7 or 8 days advising a restart. Apple apparently recommend a weekly restart too so that's what I do. I read on a Samsung site somewhere that they recommend a weekly restart so that's what I do and it seems to work fine. When I had Lumia phones they needed frequent restarts.
  • oooffff? what's that? These things turn off? How would I get my daily fix of endorphins if I did that?
  • I turn it off every nite so it gets restarted once a day.
  • I restart if there is an issue with an app or whenever restarting comes to mind in general but not any set frequency
  • Whenever I have an issue, either a lag either an ubnormal battery consumption.
  • Pretty much never, unless there's a problem with a bad app.
    It's an HTC.
  • I'm in the habit of clearing the cache partition after the monthly security update installs. Otherwise only when the rare "glitch" requires it.
  • I don't have my apps set up to automatically update, so every week (sometimes every other week) I update all my apps. After the apps have updated I restart my phone. So every week to 2 weeks. Been doing this for as long as I can remember.
  • WIth a $120 phone, 3 years old, every 4000 to 5000 hours!;D
  • Weekly, using the built in setting.
  • 3 or 4 times a day.
  • Generally once every week or two, or whenever there's an update (obviously). Also, if something wonky is going on I'll give her a reboot just to see if it helps.
  • Although my Note9 is set to automatically restart once a week, I tend to randomly restart it manually too.