How much do you care about expandable storage?

Galaxy Note 9 with a MicroSD card
Galaxy Note 9 with a MicroSD card (Image credit: Android Central)

As time has gone on, there are certain smartphone features that have faded into existence. Removable batteries, IR blasters, and headphone jacks are all essentially extinct in 2020, despite being staple features just a few short years back.

Another feature that's become less common over the years is expandable storage. There are still plenty of phones that support it, but other phone makers have been adamant about not including it on their devices.

Some of our AC forum members recently started talking about whether or not they still use expandable storage here in 2020. This is what a few of them had to say:

I still do, even though my phone isn't close to being full.

Laura Knotek

I do even though I have plenty of internal storage. I use it mostly for high resolution music files and to back up other important stuff. I don't need it because of lack of space because I have 512GB internal.

Mike Dee

not anymore. there is enough storage in the phone.

me just saying

I got a phone with 256GB of UFS 3.0 storage so I could finally say goodbye to the premature-death-ridden world of memory cards and the inconvenience that results. That and I can't use a memory card if I am using both SIM slots in my phone ;)


This conversation got us to wondering — How much do you care about expandable storage?

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  • I missed it on my Nexus 4, but not since. It does annoy me that there's a slot i can't use because i have 2 SIMs though.
  • a lot, I want the option, and I like knowing I have what I need with me and can access it if there is problems with internet or wifi.
  • As phones got too expensive and included "features" I don't want or need, I decided I don't need a flagship phone. With that comes smaller internal storage, so yes I still use and need it.
  • I loved having the option with my Lg G3 and Moto Z Play because I think my base storage on both of them was 32GB, but as long as the phone has 128GB, I'm fine. My music folder is 15GB, but I haven't added to that in years since getting Spotify. I rarely need to download offline movies/tv shows and I don't really take any videos. I think expandable storage has really become a niche feature for most users.
  • As a photographer, this is a dealbreaker for me. I want to be able to keep my portfolio on a card. I want the option of pulling the card from my camera and plugging it into my phone. And that's before we get into the ridiculous price gouging for storage.
  • I can't do without it! I often long stay in places where WiFi is sketchy and network coverage is patchy. Having a good supply of music, films and podcasts on my phone is a must.
    However if I had constant and easy access to WiFi and a stable 4g network then I could happily live without expandable storage on my phone
  • Don't miss it at all. I think the last time I had a memory slot on a phone was my LG-G4
  • I have 128 gb in my nearly 3 year old phone. I haven't filled it yet. I thought I would miss an SD card, but haven't thought about it in nearly 3 years.