How to improve PlayStation VR controller accuracy for Beat Saber

When you first start playing Beat Saber you will notice how important the accuracy of your cuts are. The game scores you not on the timing of your attack, like Guitar Hero would, but on the accuracy and angle of your cut when you hit the cube.

This means that the accuracy of your controller is incredibly important. The PlayStation VR Move controllers are famously not all that accurate so it is important to do anything you can to improve that accuracy before you really start getting into playing the game.

Not too light or dark

Light has the biggest effect on the move controllers and you need to control it to get good accuracy. The Move controllers, and even the PSVR headset work by casting specific color light which is captured by the camera. If it is too light in the room you are playing in it will wash out the light from the controllers, causing lagging and skipping.

My first impulse was to make the room as dark as possible but it turns out that doesn't work either. In a completely black room, the light that comes from the controllers tends to bleed into the surrounding area causing errors. If your walls are white and the controller casts a red glow onto the wall as you play, the camera may become confused as to which light to follow. When I played in the dark I had several issues of the PSVR skipping and missing swings so I can't recommend playing in the dark.

The best way is to have your room with the least amount of natural light possible. Blackout Curtains are helpful here as they will kill all the light in your room, allowing you to use artificial light to enhance your play. If you can't use blackouts then try to reduce the direct sunlight on your equipment as you play. Try to make the room as evenly lit as possible by using sheer curtains if you can, and try not to be backlit by your window. As you can see in the picture above, your camera isn't going to see much with the light behind you.

Opposites attract

When trying to get the perfect lighting effect for the PSVR I decided to try different colors, not just bright white. Luckily for me, I have a set of Hue bulbs by Philips which I can adjust to give me any color light I want. These can be a little expensive but they are endlessly enjoyable to use not just for this.

While trying to find the best light I found an excellent Reddit post explaining what color lights they used and how they reached that conclusion. They used a yellow light because yellow is opposite on the color wheel to the blue, red, and, pink of the controllers light. When I checked with yellow it did seem to make a difference but it still wasn't perfect.

Through trial and error and many google searches later I found that the best color is actually a bright green. The green contrasts with every color the PSVR uses, giving you much better tracking than ever before. My setup now has me pulling my dark curtains then flooding my play area with a green light from my Hue bulbs. My accuracy is now extremely good on every game I play and I can confirm my scores have increased! OK not by lots and lots but I have certainly noticed an increase in my total scores since using a green light.

Give us your Tricks

While these tips we have given you will help you be the best Saber wielder you can be, there may be more tricks we don't know about. Why not us know if you have found the perfect trick for increasing the accuracy of your PSVR Move controllers.

2 Green LED lightbulbs

Green lights combat the blue lights on the headset the best. The PlayStation Move controllers can change colors based on the environment around them, but the headset can't. This means you'll want to use green hues, the best opposing color to blue, to give your PlayStation Eye the best shot at tracking your movements!

As much as I love the Hue bulbs they can be a little expensive to start off. If you don't mind swapping bulbs or if you have a dedicated VR room then these $9 green bulbs work just as well for 20 times less cash. The green from these bulbs is perfect for the PSVR and will help you get better scores on Beat Saber.

Philips Hue starter pack

With the Hue bulbs, you can adjust the lighting to fit your needs. If you are playing on the PSVR then you can turn them green and then turn them back to white when you are done. Much simpler than always switching bulbs

James Bricknell
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