How do you hold your smartphone?

Galaxy S20 Ultra
Galaxy S20 Ultra (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

We live in a world where our smartphones are more powerful and feature-rich than ever before. They can take outstanding photographs, play graphically intense games, stream 4K video, and plenty more.

Phones today really are tiny computers that we can fit in our pocket, but no matter how technically impressive they get, they all come with a small roadblock — figuring out how to hold them.

Thanks to large display sizes and heavy, premium materials like metal and glass, finding a comfortable way to hold your phone can honestly be kind of tricky. Some of our AC forum members recently started talking about how they hold their phone, saying:

Use my pinky to support the phone from the bottom. Been doing it forever but really notice it with the heavier phones.


Lol..same here , my pinky probably stronger then my other fingers


I have one of those ring things on the back.


I hold my phones using my left hand, and type with my right hand. My left thumb touches the left side, my left index finger and left ring finger touch the right side, and my left pinky is at the bottom.

Laura Knotek

What about you? How do you hold your smartphone?

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