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There are also plenty of times when we navigate somewhere that we'll never go back to, and there's no reason to have it saved in the app's history. Though the real power to wipe this all out from your account lies on the web, you can quickly remove specific searches and locations that you've recently navigated to right from your Maps app. Let us show you how to do it.

A few steps for clearing history

Google Maps history editing

If you want to clear out individual items in your search or location history in Google Maps, it just takes a few moments. Open up the Maps app, swipe in from the left edge and tap Settings. You can then tap Maps history to see a scrolling list of every search you've made and destination you've routed to.

To remove an item, simply tap the x at the right of the entry — a confirmation box will pop up confirming the item you're about to delete, and you can tap Delete to confirm. If you deleted a search, it will no longer show up as a suggested entry when you go to make new searches. And if you deleted a route, it will no longer show up when getting directions to a location nearby.

Of course this is really only an option if you have just a few different recent locations to remove — you won't want to be endlessly scrolling through and deleting individual items from your phone. For a more comprehensive look at your location history for all devices connected to your Google Account, be sure to check out the Google Maps history dashboard on the web and adjust your location settings on your phone accordingly.

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