How to change your Skype password on Android

Skype has been facing a bit of trouble with people gaining unauthorized access to others accounts recently, so it's always a good thing to know how to reset your password from wherever you may be. Odds are that even if you aren't in front of your computer, your Android phone or tablet is within arm's reach, and luckily you are able to reset your password right from your phone. So, how do you reset your password without a computer? Well, it's actually quite simple.

  1. If you are signed into the Skype app you will want to sign out from the Settings menu
  2. Input your user name
  3. Click on the "Problems signing in?" link
  4. Enter your email address and wait for email to be sent
  5. Click link and reset your password with a stronger password

It's never a bad time to think about your password strength, and how you are managing your passwords. There are tons of great services like LastPass (opens in new tab), DashLane (opens in new tab), 1Password (opens in new tab) and others that will not only help you keep track of your passwords, but also randomly generate secure passwords for you to use. Whether you've been affected by a compromised Skype account or not, you may want to take a minute to sign out of your account and pick a stronger password.

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  • I'll be that guy and say if this is really necessary? I get people don't know but it's not exactly hard to change a password whether it be Skype or Kik or other social network Posted via the Android Central App on my Frost Nexus 6P
  • You would be surprised.
  • This. Until you have worked in retail/tech support it is difficult to grasp that something you think it simple can really be a nightmare for other people. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Unauthorized access? Sounds like an SU problem leaving them selves unsecured lol..
    (SU - stupid user) ;P
    Posted via the Android Central App
  • I wasn't aware that Skype was having trouble dealing with unauthorized access to accounts. I haven't used Skype in years but I did get an email a couple days ago stating my password was changed. I went on the site and changed it but now I'm thinking I should have just canceled my account since I never use it. Posted via the Android Central App
  • exactly...**** skype... Posted via the Android Central App from my Nexus 6 or Pixel C.
  • Apparently they are. Even if you have linked it to your microsoft account, the old skype credentials are still valid. They suspended my account after resetting the password again, so i'm waiting for microsoft to get back to me.
  • This can happen to any account at any time. Best advice in the article is to use a password manager and let it generate strong passwords. What isn't mentioned is that you should change your password at least every couple months. Better if you did it monthly. Many times email accounts get hacked and people aren't even aware that their account is sending out thousands of emails to everyone in their contact list. Then their email address gets blacklisted, then no one gets their emails at all. Better to just stay ahead of it. Password managers make handling this easy, there really are no more good excuses.
  • What happens when password manager gets hacked? What do you do them? I've thought about using them but then I think why would I trust x company to keep my passwords safe?" I don't have the answers. Just thinking out loud. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I use my Microsoft account to log into Skype and never had a problem with it Posted via the Android Central App
  • Crazy. Got an email from them this morning said my password had been changed (which I didnt) there for my act was compromised. Reset the password, all good now but damn. Posted via the Android Central App