How to cancel PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus
PlayStation Plus (Image credit: PlayStation)

PlayStation Plus is one of the key services that Sony offers to its player base. If you want to play a game online or gain access to some free games every month, along with discounts to some of the best PS4 and PS5 games, then you will need to subscribe to the service. However, if you're a subscriber to the program and find yourself ready to cancel it, doing so is hassle-free and very easy.

How to cancel PlayStation Plus on your console

Canceling your PlayStation Plus subscription is easy, no matter what console or device you may be trying to do it on. If you're on a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, you'll want to navigate to your account information page. From there, you can simply turn off the auto-renew function or cancel the service, and then you're done. To cancel your PlayStation Plus subscription on your PS4 or PS5, follow these steps:

  1. From the dashboard on your PlayStation 4 or 5, head to your Settings app on the console.
  2. Scroll all of the way down to Users and Accounts on the PlayStation 5, or Account Management on the PlayStation 4.
  3. Navigate to the Subscriptions page inside your account information menu, and turn off auto-renew or cancel PlayStation Plus.

PS5 Main Settings Menu

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Other ways to cancel PlayStation Plus

  1. Sign in to your Account on Sony's website.
  2. Select Subscription from the menu on the left of the screen.
  3. Select Turn Off Auto-Renew next to the subscription you would like to cancel.

What happens when I cancel PlayStation Plus?

It's important to note that while having PlayStation Plus isn't a requirement for enjoying games on your PlayStation consoles, it does give you a variety of benefits. Therefore, canceling your subscription will mean that you lose a handful of things, including:

  • Access to your free PlayStation Plus games: PlayStation Plus games are usually given out every month and can be downloaded for free to your library. If you cancel the subscription, you'll lose the ability to play the games. You can still play them again if you re-subscribe to the service, though.
  • The ability to play online: As of now, there are a handful of games that don't require PlayStation Plus to play online, but many still do. If you cancel PlayStation Plus, you'll be unable to play a ton of games online.
  • Access to cloud save files: Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to PlayStation Plus is its cloud save storage, allowing players to store stuff digitally and move it from console to console. Canceling PlayStation Plus means you'll no longer have that option, and you'll be stuck with whatever is stored on your console.
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