How to adjust privacy settings on Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest outside
Oculus Quest outside (Image credit: Android Central)

The Oculus Quest has arrived, delivering the next step in untethered play. However, if you don't want everyone on the platform to be able to access when you're playing, or who you are, you'll want to adjust your privacy settings. This doesn't take long, and it's doable from right inside the Oculus app.

How to adjust privacy settings on Oculus Quest

  1. Open the Oculus app on your phone.
  2. Open the Settings menu. It's located at the bottom right of the app, with a gear icon.
  3. Open Privacy Settings.

  1. Adjust settings for your Real Name, Activity, and Friend List using the menu.

Oculus has made it extremely easy for you to change your privacy settings whenever you need to. You can change who can view and search for you by name, what your friends see, and what activity is shared.

Our top equipment picks

All you actually need to take advantage of everything Oculus Quest has to offer is the headset itself. It's an awesome self contained system that takes untethered VR to the next level.

Oculus Quest delivers an untethered VR experience that gives you the fun of a Rift, without the drawbacks of wires to get in the way. This makes it easy to travel with and share, and means you never have to worry about lugging around a giant bag of gear along the way.

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The Oculus Quest comes with everything that you need to play. However, picking up a few accessories can also enhance your play, and ensure that your system doesn't get damaged when you travel.

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Oculus Quest Travel Case ($40 at Amazon)

Oculus Quest is easy to travel with, but if you want to keep it safe while you're on the road a solid travel case is definitely your best bet.

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The Oculus Touch controllers have a smooth plastic casing, which makes them easy to drop if you work up a sweat. Mamut's Grips solve that problem.

VR Cover Quest Cover

Oculus Quest VR Cover ($19 at VR Cover)

As you play, the foam pad for the Oculus Quest will inevitably wind up gross and sweaty. If you want to protect your foam pad, this fabric cover can do it, and it's machine washable!

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