Horizon Zero Dawn is now free on PS4 & PS5

Horizon Zero Dawn Tallneck Image
Horizon Zero Dawn Tallneck Image (Image credit: PlayStation)

What you need to know

  • Horizon Zero Dawn is now free for everyone on PS4 and PS5.
  • It will be available for free until May 14.
  • Once you download it, it's yours to keep forever. It will not be removed from your library.

Everyone on PS4 and PS5 can now download Horizon Zero Dawn for free thanks to PlayStation's Play At Home program, encouraging people to stay inside and play games. The program recently gave away Ratchet and Clank and a bunch of other titles for free, and it looks to continue the trend over the coming months.

Horizon Zero Dawn is free from April 19 at 11pm ET until May 14, so that gives people a few weeks to take advantage of the offer. What's even better is that it's the Complete Edition, featuring the Frozen Wilds expansion. Once you download it, it's yours to keep forever. They won't be removed from your library at some arbitrary date in the future.

This is an excellent way for Sony to drum up hyper before its sequel. I recently said that Horizon Zero Dawn is a must-play game before Forbidden West launches, and it seems that many agree. Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the best PS4 games of all time, initially releasing back in 2017 as a new IP from Guerilla Games. It has since gone on to sell over 10 million copies.

Horizon Forbidden West is expected to release sometime this year, but don't be surprised if it gets delayed. It wouldn't be the first, and we'll likely see many more game delays throughout the rest of the year.

Jennifer Locke
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