Hey, BlackBerry fans — what phone are you using now?

BlackBerry KEY2 in red
BlackBerry KEY2 in red (Image credit: Android Central)

It goes without saying that it's a hard time to be a BlackBerry fan. The iconic smartphones with their keyboards and trackballs are nowhere to be seen these days, and while there was a revival of the brand with a few Android-powered phones, that saga was killed back in February.

The smartphone landscape is constantly changing, and the market has decided that there's no longer a need for keyboard-touting handsets. That's fine for those of us that have moved on, but what if you're still a dedicated BlackBerry fan? What are you supposed to buy as your daily driver?

One BlackBerry user came over to the AC forums with this very question, with our other members providing the following recommendations:

Hi there, I think most people on this forum including myself will suggest the pixel 3A series. Very affordable, excellent cameras on the pixel phones of course, stock clean Android build. And of course Google pixel phones get the fastest software they straight from Google!


I like my LG V50. Serves me well in most of your lists. Can be had for an attractive price as well.


Hello, fellow CrackBerry user! It's good to see you here! Yeah, physical keyboards seem to be going by the wayside, unfortunately... A very sad trend, if I do say so myself. Pixel is indeed a good option. I've read on here that the 3a line is getting exhausted - there may not be that many left! It's still worth looking into, however. However, if you can wait a little bit longer, the 4a will...


I am thinking a Samsung A series like the A71. I think it has the headphone jack. If not the A51 may have. But most of the rest of the speck list could be covered. Just a thought. And welcome to Android Central

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What about you? As a BlackBerry fan, what phone are you using now?

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