Huawei is unveiling its next major Android smartphone on April 15 in London. And 10 of our most awesome (and randomly selected) readers are going to get a chance to review the phone as it first launches, right alongside those of us who do this sort of thing for a living. It's part of Huawei's Friendly User Testing program, and we've got 10 invites to give away.

And we shall do so now. Begin your virtual drumrolls:

And without further ado, here are the lucky Android Central readers who have won!

  • benburt
  • bigschmidtyky
  • Charles R
  • dherdman
  • jerryweinert
  • lrrowley
  • mauidiver40
  • mohojumbo
  • Shahriar S.

Congratulations, everyone! Watch your email as we'll be following up with all the details. Thanks for playing along, folks!