Here's a cool little crowd-sourced project from the National Severe Storms Laboratory and the University of Oklahoma. (Boomer Sooner!) The "Precipitation Near the Ground" project (aka W-PING) uses reports from civilians (that's you and me) to match against what radar sees. And as noted in the app description, radar doesn't see too well near the ground at long distances, and those snazzy automated sensors that can tell the difference between snow and rain and some dude spitting in the gutter are found only at airports.

That's where you and I come in. If it starts raining or snowing or whatever it does wherever you are (here in Florida it's either "build an ark" or "welcome to Hell"), fire up the app, let it detect where you are, then choose the closest description to what it is you're seeing, particularly with cold-weather storms.

Think of it as a cool way to give a little back to science, when science has given so much to you.

More: The Ping Project; via @jimcantore