HBO GO & MAX GO grab Lollipop support, higher resolution streaming

HBO GO and MAX GO have gotten updates tonight, both of which bring support for Android Lollipop. Perhaps even cooler, the updates also bring support for higher resolution video playback.

It's unclear how high this "higher resolution" streaming goes, but its addition is sure to be a boon to newer devices sporting those nifty QHD displays.

It's also nice to see a couple of major apps receive Lollipop support, and we're sure to see the floodgates open on these these app updates as Google's newest trickles its way to peoples' devices.

If you want to check these updates out, you can grab HBO GO by clicking on the Play Store badge above, and you'll find MAX GO here. If you pick up either of the updates and you have a capable device, let us know how the higher resolution streaming works out for you in the comments below.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster