Nexus One keyboard

We've seen this ourselves and have been receiving e-mails about occasional issues with the Google Nexus One's on-screen keyboard. In my experience, I've had occasional problems with the wrong key being activated -- I'd tap "a" and get the shift button, etc. And it apparently is more than just fumble fingers, as there's a massive thread going on in Google's support forums. The good news is that Google's on it. Their latest response:

We're still definitely looking this issue. We want everyone to know that if this issue can be solved by a software fix it will be addressed with an over-the-air systems update. If we find this is the result of a hardware issue, it'll be covered by the Nexus One Warranty.

Definitely check out the Google thread, as the more feedback they get, the more quickly we'll (hopefully) see a fix. In the meantime, what about you guys? Seeing any problems? [Thanks, Stefan!]