If you're having LTE issues on the Nexus 6, you're not alone. Users from all over the world are facing issues with LTE cutting out when used in conjunction with location services. Google has mentioned that it is aware of the issue, and that it is working on a fix.

Nexus 6

The issue isn't limited to a carrier or version number, with users from Australia, Sweden, Canada, Finland, the U.S., and Hong Kong facing random LTE drops. While a fix is in the works, this temporary workaround seems to work for now:

Settings -> Apps -> tap three dots in upper right, Show System, scroll down to Google Connectivity Services, tap three dots in upper right, Uninstall Updates.

Then do a full power down reboot of the N6.

Is your Nexus 6 affected? Let us know if the aforementioned workaround fixes the issue.