Have you given up on the Pixel 4?

Pixel 4 XL lying on a red picnic table
Pixel 4 XL lying on a red picnic table (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

Oh Pixel 4 — what more is there to say about you? Google's latest flagship has now been out in the wild for around three months, and during that time, it's been met with plenty of criticism and controversy.

Some of us at AC do enjoy the phone (myself included), but there are others who aren't so keen about the device. Taking a look through the AC forums, that sentiment is the same.

One of our AC forum members recently shared why they were finally giving up on the Pixel 4 to move to a different phone, and that sparked quite the conversation.

Gave the Pixel 4xl 5 weeks to convince me, but I am going back to OnePlus. Here are my issues. -No Finger Print reader. This would not be a big issue if more apps worked with the face recognition. But constantly having to either enter my password or use my password manager is really grating. -Dual Sim Management. I use 2 sim cards and I understand this is not a widespread issue. But, There...

Nikholas Pappas

I love my pixel 4 xl and the pixel 4 xl has been nothing but amazing for me. I get 6-7 hours of SOT on average with my usage and does everything I need. I do wish more apps supported face ID but I know this will change probably not while i own the p4 bc it will probably take like 2 years for developers to hop on board. Regardless my experience has been fantastic. Your points are valid use...


I think a mobile phone is a personal choice. We all have different use cases and different phones offer different experiences. Face ID is a bit hit and miss for me and I have suffered with lag. But on the whole I love my Pixel 4xl. Samsung just offers too much compromise for me and I love the simplicity of my phone. The camera is amazing and I spend a lot of time taking photos of my cats. The...

Kizzy Catwoman

You are right this has not been as rampant as in other threads in the past. Since December there have only been three threads letting everyone here know that they have made a personal decision and switched their phones. Mike because you think it is okay is why it will continue. Threads like this never shine new light on anything, they only make everyone chime in to say their battery is okay and...


Now, we want to hear from you — Have you given up on the Pixel 4?

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