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The state of RCS messaging is, to put things nicely, a bit of a mess right now.

Google's still working on expanding its global RCS platform, and while that's going on, all four major U.S. carriers recently announced that they're partnering to create their own form of RCS messaging that's handled through a new app.

Over the weekend, it was discovered that there's a way to enable RCS in the Google Messages app on any Android phone right now — regardless of what phone you have or what carrier it's being used on. It requires a bit of work, but the whole process is relatively easy.

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Taking a look through our AC forums, a lot of our members have already flipped the switch.


I have this set up on my Verizon Note 9 and it is working perfectly. I tested with a co-worker who has Sprint, works without issue. Also set this up on my son's OP6t on T-mobile and it's working.


After installing the beta version, it works for me. If you have nova launcher you don't need activity launcher. Rcs was added to my wife's S9 quite a while ago, at least for the Samsung messages, but it wasn't working on Google messages until I did this.


I have the Google Messages chat enabled, VZW Note 9. My only issue, it seems it doesn't do any good unless the other person has it and is turned on also. I have issues with my office and bad cell signal, so I utilize WiFi calling, but can5 send group texts or pics. I was hoping this messages RCS enablement would fix that, but doesn't seem to.


What about you? Have you enabled RCS chat on your Android phone?

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