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Has the Android P beta improved your battery life?

Android P is chock-full of new features, one of which is Adaptive Battery. This is an under-the-hood change that doesn't jump out at you as something new, but as the name suggests, the goal is to extend your battery life for longer than what was possible with Oreo.

Adaptive Battery works by learning how you use your phone and then pushing infrequently-used apps to lower-power processors to help reduce overall CPU usage. It's a great idea, but does it actually work?

One of our forum users recently had this same question, and even in such an early form, Adaptive Battery looks quite promising. Here's what the community is saying!

I'm seeing improvements in both active and issue drain. It's only sightly better idle, but the active (screen on) is a good 20 - 25% less than the last 8.1 builds... Which actually had some power issues in all fairness.


mine's definitely improved, for sure not placebo. I mean Google added the adaptive battery settings... so shouldn't we expect to see some improvement? I'm getting more then a day of usage out of my 2 XL right now. I even turned the ambient "always on" display back on (something I had turned off with Oreo), and I'm still getting more battery life. 4.5 hrs of screen time right now, still over 40%...


Better for sure here on my smaller Pixel. I use the phone the same 90% of the time and when I put it to bed I see the same SOT more or less but noticibly more battery left in the tank. Really liking "P".


So far it seems the same to me.


How about you? Has your battery life been better with Android P?

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  • Which one is more bugs 8.1 or P Beta?
  • Considering P is designed for a notched phone I would stick with 8.1.
  • This is the dumbest comment ever
  • Right, so if a phone doesn't have a notch on it then you should stick with 8.1. Lucas is right in saying that your comment is the dumbest ever!!!
  • Essential ph-1 preview doesn't include adaptive battery ☹️
  • Yes, it does have adaptive battery. I'm using it on my Essential Phone right now. Although, I think my battery has been worse. I used to get 6+ hours of SoT. Now I'm lucky to get 4. Oreo was definitely better on the PH-1 for battery.
  • Good to know, may hold off on testing it out until the battery issue is corrected on my PH-1.
  • Same here. I was getting like half the SOT with P beta that I was with 8.1.....switched back for now.
  • Other then some crashing and issues with the proximity sensor everything seems to run smooth on P.
  • I actually haven't had any crashing or issues. Sometimes a bit of lag but nothing major.
  • I think my battery probably has been better with P but I don't have any data to back that up I just watch the percentage up on the notification bar on my phones and it's down about 30% I start thinking about charging it I always have 2 phones and so then I'll use the other one while I was charging so the battery does not concern me that much I will say the pixel 2 XL does not charge fast but my other phone is the OnePlus 5T and it is super fast at charging
  • I've noticed way better battery life on the P beta. I was getting like 3.5 - 4.5 sot and now it's more like 5-6. Adaptive battery is only working on 1 app right now though so my battery would've probably been better on 8.1 as well if I had uninstalled the app. Either way it's a very welcome improvement.
  • I had to go back to 8.1 due Bluetooth issues with my car and AAuto
  • Bluetooth issues with my car have been my only major gripe about DP2. Battery has been slightly better especially the standby times.
  • I have Bluetooth issues since 8.0
  • Yes, it is improved. Partly because I cannot run my financial app (it crashes and then does a while1 post and remove a notification faster than it can be read). Pixel services has also crashed once; otherwise it has been very stable. I hope the next beta drop fixes some of the crashes. Meanwhile I will stick with it to give Google feedback (and maybe find a tablet to run that app I need...)
  • Looking forward to receiving Android P on my LGV30+(Sprint). However not holding my breath for when. I have to say one thing I don't think gets talked about on Android Central that much (I get it) is how excellent the battery on this phone is. Was always strong, but after Oreo I have to say it's even better. At first (I'd say about a week) it seemed to be much worse, but it settled in and apps updated and Yada Yada.. Boom, better battery than I've had on any smart phone ever. I never worry about my battery. Never! Anyhow, I look forward to any updates my device receives and with the improvements in the camera app already received, I still believe there is more to squeeze performance wise out of the LGV30. I just need the teams responsible to continue to develop for my device. Something I thing all Android users (flagship devices) would like to see improvements and focus on. Rather than we'll 'improve" our devices by making new ones every 4 months.
  • Noticibly better battery life using P. From one and a half to two more sot hours. WIN!
  • I'm seeing significantly better battery life. Today, I used Waze to ride my motorcycle about 70 minutes (needed the navigation to help get where I was going) and got back with 52% remaining(starting at around 95). In the past, I have gone 45 minutes and dropped to nearly 25%. In regular day to day use, it's definitely better. I now rarely charge at work, and I still get through late evening before I feel the need to charge.
  • Yes.
  • Not at all. I have the Pixel XL which was working great on Android 8.1
    Upgraded to Android P beta and my battery is draining way faster than ever. A full charge would normally last 1.5-2 days for me, but with the P Beta, battery is dead before it reaches the 24 hour mark. It is not as if my usage went up since the P Beta. Didn't expect this behavior at all.
  • Same here. The battery drains much quicker while actively using the screen. Interestingly, the screen brightness control is way different now too. However, when sleeping it seems to save more of the battery. Odd trade off. lol I'm going to give it another couple days to see how the adaptive battery controls kick in. If it doesn't improve, I'm back to 8.1.1.
  • At least until the full release version comes out. It could easily be a device specific tweak that hasn't been added yet IMO.
  • On Pixel XL; battery life here is downgraded, in some cases severely. Overnighting idle state usage is downright bizarre. Prior to P/9, overnight on the nightstand would use 3-6%. Now it ranges from 5 to 35%!