Optimus F5

At the LG MWC booth today the manufacturer didn't just launch the Optimus G Pro and L II series, there was also a new mid-range series of 4G LTE smartphones on display -- the Optimus F5 and F7, members of the LG Optimus F series. The devices we saw were aimed at the European and Korean markets, and the F7 on display at the LG booth bore SKT's 4G LTE logo.

Hardware-wise, you're looking at phones that closely follow the pattern of the Optimus L5 II and L7 II -- mid-range phones running LG's skin atop Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. And just like on those handsets, the Optimus F5 and F7 run smoothly enough, and feature a three-button setup. On the F5 you've got three capacitive keys; on the F7 there's a big clicky home key. On the hardware side, the F7 has a few advantages, sporting a larger 4.7-inch screen versus the 4.3 inches of the F5.

Overall, the design of the F series is a close match for LG's other 2013 devices -- unassuming squarish designs with a variety of patterns occupying the back cover. The Korean F7 on display at the booth uses a similar checkerboard design to the Optimus G Pro.

The Optimus F5 should be landing in Europe sometime in the second quarter, as for the F7, that'll be headed to "select markets" later in the year.