Video hands-on with the Garmin-Asus nuvifone A50 [AC @MWC]

Garmin-Asus was showing off the nuvifone A50 at Mobile World Congress, and we took it out for a spin. It's a 3.5-inch (320x480) device running Android 1.6 but is completely skinned. It's being billed as the "No-excuses navigation smartphone," and it certainly is. Nav is first and foremost, and it it was easy to follow in our demo.

Despite being a GPS unit on steroids, it has all the expected hooks into the Google ecosystem and will handle whatever e-mail you can throw at it. Android is Android, never mind everything that's been put on top of it. Video after the break. 

Phil Nickinson
  • Garmin is using their noodle. Instead of complaining that Google is taking their business, they took a "weakness" (of sorts) and turned it into a strength. Google jumped into their arena, so Garmin used Android to step into theirs. Why would someone pay for a GPS unit when Google gives it to you for free? So you make a phone that does everything stock Google Android does and put your unique spin on it. Their interface look the same as the previous NuviFone. If they integrated the features of the previous one, this is going to be a very nice device. The calendar already looks better than what Google or even HTC has done with it.
  • Not impressed with this at all from what I have seen . its really to little to late now , there are so many other phones out there with GPS this is really not needed and I dont think it will be a big seller at all . I certainly will not be buying one
  • how's the battery life on this thing?