Aukey 10K Quick Charge battery

We finally have our hands on one of Aukey's most popular external batteries, and first impressions are better than we expected. This battery seems to have it all: attractive design, moderate size, and the ability to rapidly juice up devices using Quick Charge 2.0. We'll dive a little deeper and check out how it works and if it's a respectable accessory to go with current Quick Charge compatible devices.

Check out our explainer on how Quick Charge 2.0 works to learn more.

Taking the portable battery out of the box, you immediately feel the smooth aluminum casing it's wrapped in. The rounded edges make it easy to hold and it looks sharp laying flat or standing up. Included in the box is a 1ft. white micro-USB cable that's to be used to charge the battery with a PC, laptop or wall adapter (not included). When you're done charging the battery, flip the cable around and use it charge your micro-USB smartphone or tablet off the external battery.

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The size of this portable battery is within reason, measuring only 4 inches long and 3 inches wide, it's easy to slide into a laptop bag, purse, book bag or even your pocket for a quick trip. It does, however, have some heftiness, weighing in at 9.7oz.

On the front you'll find a power button that's a little hard to see at first, next to a series of blue LED lights that indicate exactly how much battery life remains. For example: 4 lights = 76% - 100%, 3 lights = 51% - 75%, 2 lights = 26% - 50%, 1 light = 6% - 25%, all of which can be seen by simply tapping the power button at any time. I seem to drop one light after a complete charge with my Nexus 5, and two with a nearly-dead Galaxy Note 4. And, yeah — it charges the Note 4 just as fast as using Samsung's adaptive fast charger.

There's a micro-USB and standard USB port on the front as well. The smaller of the two used for charging the external battery when needed. On the opposite end are the specifications for the battery with a Qualcomm Quick Charge stamp right below. Of course, this battery still happily charges devices that don't sport Quick Charge 2.0 at a completely-acceptable rate of 2.1A.

Aukey recommends that you don't simultaneously charge the 10,000mAh Li-ion battery and your mobile device as it could cause damage to the battery inside. That means no daisy-chaining, so it's important to keep this puppy charged, especially before you take it on a long flight or camping trip. When its battery hits empty, you can expect about a 5-6 hour wait for it to be completely charged again.

Our take

To sum things up, Aukey has a solid portable battery here, fulfilling everything it promises in terms of charging speeds. It's even covered by an 18-month warranty, which is nice. If you're hunting for a reliable back-up battery that's capable of Quick Charge 2.0 speeds, give this one a whirl.

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