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Hailing a cab in London with your Android phone? About time!

For anyone who ever lives in, or has ever visited London, you'll know that hailing a cab can sometimes be tough. It's never quite as easy as it looks on TV, and sometimes can be quite treacherous. Now though, a group of enterprising London cab drivers are ready to launch a new service which makes it as easy as two taps on your smartphone. 

The service, known as "Hailo" goes live tomorrow in the Android Market for free, and will allow its users to call nearby taxis without taking their lives into their own hands. So far 2,000 drivers have signed up to be part of the service.

The app will locate you via the phones GPS system, and any free drivers nearby will be able to accept the fare. You will then be able to see the drivers name, vehicle registration, how far away they are, and even pay a fare with your credit card. 

Source: The Independent

  • Great stuff! Once more the market place proves your phone is much more than a fancy PDA. Android is surely cementing it's self as a life-line as vital as your opposing thumbs. Now we need this service in the US.
  • This is the future we need.
  • Nice! Does anyone know how it works? How do drivers accept the fare? Do they have to get an Android phone to work?
  • Why is the driver sitting in the passenger seat & driving on the wrong side of the road? :P
  • Silly Brits :)
  • In other news, taxi accidents are up 20% as drivers struggle balancing new technology with distracted driving.