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gReader update brings Material Design, Lollipop support

Both the free and the ad-free versions of gReader have been updated recently. The apps, both in version 4.0, brings a lot of visual changes to give your news a fresh look. With the update, gReader gains support for Lollipop, brings Material Design to its look, and adds a new card view for item lists.

On its blog, the developers note:

On phone interface the bottom navigation bar is removed. Sync, item options and toggle unread features from the bar are moved to the actionbar. Mark All As Read becomes a floating action button. The position of the button is configurable in Settings->Reading Preferences -> Mark all as read.

Additionally, there is now gesture support:

Swiping an item from right to left reveals additional functions. In article view you can go back to the list by swiping from the left edge.

gReader also supports themes as well.

Thanks to Hung L for the tip.

Source: Noinnion

  • Swipe down and take care of the notifications... My god maybe I'm just ocd. Next-us
  • This app had been working in lollipop so I'm not sure what lollipop support means. Great app.
  • Sorry but that nav drawer is far from Material.
  • I personally like the new updates, I don't understand why people curse and scold greader developer for such a great update. Perhaps they will curse most of the app developers because apps are on their way adopting material design (which users should aware of material design and its guidelines themselves, not cursing. Developers are human too).
  • Still my favorite news reader, it's always welcome to see updates and at no charge, which seems ($$) to becoming more of a trend. Posted via my Nexus 5